Hello everyone, I’m glad you like my blog and the content i put on it, however there is no game without any rules hence this blog has a certain number of policies which i would like to address as rules. Its no surprise that people like sharing things over the internet and you can do so with the content of this blog. There are many ways you can share but copying and pasting my content onto your site is infringement to my copyright. So please do not copy the pictures on this site and post them elsewhere without my permission. It takes a lot of hard work and time to generate the content I’ve posted here. And i would like it that people read what I’ve worked hard for on this site which i call AnushaeSays.

Please Note that all the material on AnushaeSays is copyrighted and publishing a big portion or whole of my posts is not acceptable under any condition. Ways in which you can share the content on this site can be done by simply sharing it over the social media for non commercial purposes only with a link to my site where you have shared it, you will not be allowed to take credit for the content you have shared as it is the property of AnushaeSays .

Please note:
*Commercial Purposes :blogs which derive income from google adsense, textlink ads, paid posts and affiliate links. Excerpts are permitted if the work is attributed, with a link to the blog or entry and NOT a replacement for content. Content can only be used for commercial purposes after obtaining a permit from the blog owner.

Use of feeds from this site are for strictly for non-commercial purposes. Scraping, using feeds as a replacement for content, is not permitted under any conditions without obtaining permission from the copyright holder.