Hello everyone! its been too long since i last posted on here and i blame work! I get a ton of messages on my instagram asking me how i am able to afford all this makeup and clothes, i hate to break it to all of you who have this burning question; i do not grow money in my garden! I work at least 9 – 10 hours everyday πŸ™‚

pakistani makeup skincare brands

Anyway getting back to todays post, i recently was sent, very kindly two organic face masks by Jo’s Organic Beauty. They asked me what type of skin i had – which is acne prone and sensitive – and sent me two masks;

  • Oats and Green Tea Face Mask
  • Cleopatra’s Secret Glow Mask

pakistani makeup skincare brands

pakistani makeup skincare brands

I’ve used both these masks and i honestly think they are lovely. I have super sensitive skin so i try to keep my skin care regime as organic as possible. I had heard a lot about Jo’s organic skincare by reading posts from other bloggers, and after using them i know why everyone raves about them so much!

Okay now lets break down the review for both the masks!

Oats and Green Tea Face mask:

I mixed one tablespoon of this mask with milk and a wee bit of honey. I made sure to apply the mask after using my morning cleanser and left it on for fifteen to twenty minutes. Now i have quite a small face so i had some excess mixture which i persuaded my brother to use :’)

pakistani makeup skincare brands

I would say that this mask is very good for exfoliating because its quite grainy, so be gentle whilst washing it off, remove it with water moving your hands in a circular motion and let the grains gently exfoliate your skin. My skin felt extremely fresh and clean after washing this mask off, also the smell of the mask reminds me of rice flavored Cerelac – slightly off topic, but who remembers wheat Cerelac’s flavour? it was my favorite,! Good times- so needless to say, i really enjoy the smell of the mask.

I personally feel that this mask would work as a great exfoliator. It really helps in boosting the natural glow of the skin.

Cleopatra’s Secret Glow Mask

I have one word to describe this face mask: Pretty! the grains of this one are very fine. I mixed it with milk, honey and a tad bit of water.

pakistani makeup skincare brands

I absolutely loved this mask, it was my favorite one. I liked it because of two reasons; A) it was super hydrating and, B) it made my skin so soft. It literally refreshed my skin. I work long hours so my skin usually looks very dull and lifeless and this mask has been my pick me up for about two weeks Β now.

pakistani makeup skincare brands

Bottom line: i love both the face masks, its so cool to see such good products being made my local brands at such nice affordable prices, makes me very proud. Im looking forward to trying out their charcoal mask, it looks quite promising!

Happy Shopping !




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