Hello everyone! I finally did, i cut my waist length hair into a lob. Ive been saving pictures of lob and A-line lob hair styles on my phone for the past six months and one day i just woke up went to work and decided that i wanna cut my hair short and its now or never.

long to short hair transformation long hair to lob transformation

I went to Toni & Guy during lunch break and asked for a lob which was on the longer side. I dint wanna go too short too quick and end up hating my cut so i decided that the best way to go about it by phasing out the length of the bob.

I had very long hair which were super dry at the bottom because of the dye fading and making hair look like a stack of hay.

After cutting my hair i have noticed how much healthier it has gotten, i have decided to invest in some good hair care products which will help make my hair regain its natural shine and strength.

I’m super happy with my haircut, I’ve kept the front bits slightly longer than the back, and at the back I asked for a straight blunt cut.

lob hairstyle 2017 long to short hair transformation

My hair feels a zillion times healthier after cutting it, also its so easy to style it now it literally takes me 5 minutes in the morning!

Watch my haircut transformation vlog:


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