Hello everyone! So i recently had the pleasure of attending a bloggers meet up at Avari Towers Karachi hosted by the hotel itself. The main purpose of the meet up was to endorse their new Olympia Spa and Gym.

I had to wake up at 9:30 am which is super early on a Sunday, mind you and reach Avari Towers by 11 am. We were told to keep some workout and swimming clothes with us!

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The event started off with an introduction of the team working at the gym and pool and a run down of the day while all the bloggers and influencers were served with fresh fruit mocktails!

blogger and vloggers pakistani anushae says jadirah

The Olympia Gym was super cool, i love gyms that have a good view i prefer having a view from high above but the view from the gym overlooking the pool was pretty dope too. I dint try out too many machines because i felt like such a newbie, however i did try doing crunches and leg exercises.  Im definitely not someone who needs to lose weight so i don’t really go to the gym as much as i like.

However i do believe one should workout and stay as healthy as possible, because you only live once, yeah! – GOD! how many of you just vomited :’)

blogger and vloggers pakistani anushae says jadirah

The nest task on our agenda was to hit the indoor Jacuzzi and oh my god it was HOT in there, but so much fun, i love chilling in jacuzzis with a nice drink in toe.

avari towers karachi asia live avari towers karachi jaccuzi

We were also offered a session with the masseur to get a body massage. Iregret not getting one but i heard that the masseur was amazing. He has provided services to Pervaiz Musharaf as well! How many people in the world have the pleasure of saying that their hands have touched Pervaiz Musharaf’s body?!!! :’)

avari towers karachi massage

Then came the most awaited part of the day: FOOD! we were seated at Asia Live – and for those who don’t know – the resturant covers cuisine from all over Asia. The variety of food was amazing, there was SO much stuff that you could eat it was over whelming. My favorites included the hot and spicy prawns, chicken dumplings and Beef Wellington.

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The dessert menu was just as varied as the savory one, i went for the layered chocolate cake and red velvet cake which were yum!

Overall i had the most amazing day, it was such fun to meet other bloggers and twitter influencers. Im humbled that Avari Towers invited me and i wish them all the best for the future!

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