Hello everyone! Ive been investing in a lot of new skincare these days which is always good but dangerous for my bank! i have  always been iffy about trying out new skin care products because (A) i have very sensitive skin and (B) skin care products are expensive!

I got to know that Cult Beauty ships worldwide and they’re known for stocking amazing skincare brands so i decided to pucker up the courage and order some bits. After careful due diligence i decided on picking up the Kypris clearing serum. I have combination skin which is super sensitive so you can imagine how long red spots linger on my face and so i needed something that would help me in balancing the oil and calming down the redness and hyper pigmentation.

The review on the Kypris clearing serum on cult beauty sold me to add it straight to my cart, i received my package within 2 weeks and ive been using the serum for the past two months. I have finished my first bottle and so i decided it was a good time to share my review.

The serum is made from all natural oils and it smells like them too, i really like the pleasant floral-type scent it has ,it really refreshes me when i put it on at night before going to bed.

The product is targeted towards calming down sensitive skin and balancing the oil and redness on the face, i think for me the serum checked all boxes. This serum is magic in a  bottle! (touchwood, don’t want anything bad to happen)

It’s expensive though, and retails for about 64 pounds but in all honesty its worth it. I have noticed SUCH a drastic change in the appearance of my skin. I feel my skin is a lot less oiler now thanks to the kypris clearing serum and i feel it is the only serum i’ve used that has actually helped in fading red spots and hyper pigmentation. I have tried natural face masks to high end ones, basically ive ran from one corner to the other but nothing has worked for me as we’ll as the Kypris clearing serum.

I was positive that this serum would dry out my skin like others i have tried but i was surprised to see how well it balanced the natural oils of my skin. I also get redness and white heads after threading or waxing my upper lip and i usually put this serum on after getting them done and now i notice no redness at all!

The clearing serum has worked for me extraordinarily and i would highly encourage people with active acne to give this serum a go, you never know what miracles it can work on your skin!

moonlight crystal  kypris review moonlight crystal  kypris review

I feel like a commercial playing on repeat but i genuinely love this product so much that i can’t imagine my life without it now!

moonlight crystal  kypris review kypris review moonlight catalyst

The bottle comes with a copper application and you only need one tiny drop on both your cheeks. I have a smaller face so two drops were enough but obviously use according to what is suitable for your face size. The bottle lasted me about two months which i think is decent as i used it every single day before going to bed.

catalyst kypris moonlight serum moonlight crystal  kypris review

You can order this off of cult beauty, they ship worldwide. I dint get a custom duty strike on my parcel but then again there are no guarantee that you might not have to pay customs, it all just depends on luck i guess!

Happy shopping!

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