Hello everyone! I hate it when brands come out with Limited edition stuff because they leave you no choice, you have to buy it right away or it’ll be gone forever. They’re smart, these brands, they know how to get you with the limited edition stuff, they sell the first batch of stuff like hot cakes and then bring back the same limited edition stuff during the holiday season!

LOOK at me going on off about brand strategies as if i’ve discovered codes for nuclear weapons :’)

tarte color wheel tarte color wheel

So its no surprise i love Tarte Cosmetics, its one of my most favorite bands ever. The packaging and ย the quality of makeup make it a staple in every ย makeup lovers collection, if you ask me.

Whenever Tarte comes out with new stuff i just have to get it, not immediately though i do my research. Better late than never, right?!

I recently saw the Tarte Color Wheel on Sephora and as soon as i saw it i added it straight to my cart. Personally i feel the palette is a great investment. It comes with 10 blush shades having a mix of shimmer and matte colors.

tarte color wheel tarte color wheel

The packaging of the platte is so retro i love it! Tarte always add a lot of character to their products and that is why I’m so drawn towards it. I also love how they incorporate gold into their packaging, it makes the products look super expensive!

limited-tarte-color-wheel-swatches-review tarte color wheel

The blushes are super pigmented which I’m not too crazy about because i usually end up with a blob of color on my cheeks which doubles the work for me as i need to blend it out properly. But i dont think that is something to dislike because there are some people out there who like intense blush payoff, so if you’re one of them you’re going to love this palette.

tarte color wheel tarte color wheel

The longevity of the colors is amazing, i usually use this palette in the morning before going to work and when i come home i can see the color still on my cheeks!

Overall i love this blush palette, it has every shade i could want and it is bound to give me a good time!

tarte-color-wheel tarte-color-wheel


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