Hello everyone! I recently posted a clothing haul on my YouTube channel in which I hauled a number of forever 21 clothing pieces and since uploading that I have received quite a few questions as to HOW I got Forever 21 shipped to Pakistan.

It’s a question that will bother many online shoppers who just can’t get their hands on the items they want because sites don’t ship to Pakistan. Well fear not there are other ways to get your parcel delivered to you which are completely legal. And the solution to all your online shopping problems is called: third party freight companies!

Personally I love shopping through Two H but more about that later.

This is how third party shipping companies work;

  • You sign up with one
  • They provide you a US address
  • Get order delivered at the US address provided
  • Order is picked up by the freight company
  • Order delivered to destination country

There are a number of websites that offer third party freight services;

  1. My USA
  2. OCS Global shopper

forever 21 in pakistan how to get international brands in Pakistan

There are pros and cons of getting stuff delivered through third party freight companies the number one being shipping cost, it is very hard to estimate what your shipping cost would be because it  depends of the packages weight and dimension so for larger packages the shipping cost can end up being quite high.

Another thing that is important to take into consideration is the custom duty charges that you will have to pay once your package arrives in your home country which will more often than not won’t be included in your shipping cost so you will have to pay them over and above your shipping cost.

Next is insurance which I highly recommend you take because parcels can get lost in transit, so to avoid losses it is better to pay insurance, look at it as an investment in your health, because losing a package with no refunds can give you heart problems, at least I get them anyway :/

Zara in Pakistan


So by now you’ll be wondering, why in the world would I get goods shipped here? Well the answer to that depends on how badly you need/want the items. As for Forever 21 I feel it is pretty want-able .

If you want to further simplify your shipping experience then I suggest you take the route I usually take, and that is shopping through Two H.

Two H is a Facebook page that takes orders for Forever 21 and other US brands, they handle customs, shipping and package insurance for you, so the only thing that you need to worry about is paying for your order which you deposit with them.

I feel Two H is relatively reasonable compared to other Facebook pages that literally leave you dry off your bank balance!

I usually get my order delivered to be in about 2 to 3 weeks. Here is what I doo;

I go on over to Forever 21’s website and pick out the stuff that I want to order, I then give the links to all the stuff to Two H, who then give me a quote for my order total and shipping. They will keep you updated as to what is the status of your order. I find shopping through them a lot more hassle free.

When placing orders on TWO H make sure to use code ANUSHAESAYS to get a discount if you’re lucky 🙂

Now if you still think getting stuff delivered is expensive, you can always book a ticket to go do your shopping yourself, cheers!

Check out my haul



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