Hello everyone! so if you follow me on YouTube then you’ll know that a while back i started a second channel with my sister, it quite different from beauty and lifestyle and basically has a very pop culture vibe to it, so if you want a good laugh make sure to subscribe (SIDE NOT : if you don’t follow me on YouTube then you should, i mean you don’t have to, but you SHOULD!)

Starting December 12th 2016 we will be posting a video EVER SINGLE DAY till the 31st Of December 2016 fingers crossed)

I will leave a link to our channel trailer and our latest YouTube video!

I sincerely hope you enjoy all the content that we will be posting on our second channel and go show some love!

About The Author

Hello everyone! welcome to my blog. I review makeup and fashion products (obviously) along with that i post about any and everything i feel like from lifestyle to my life ramblings. Watch this space :)

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