Hello there, so i recently uploaded a clothing haul on my YouTube channel in which i hauled a number of cute pieces i ordered off of Aliexpress, and since i uploaded that video i’ve had an over whelming amount of questions on how to order from the site, how long it takes, what custom duty does one have to pay, among many others. In this post I’ve decided to answer the most frequently asked questions about shopping for clothes on Aliexpress and any piece of information that i feel would help out fellow shoppers online ๐Ÿ™‚

So lets start!

  • How to order from aliexpress?

Aliexpress is an online retailer selling goods ranging from everything to anything, it has sellers who have stores, just like Amazon or eBay. So each product that you see is sold by a specific store owner. ย You select the product that you like and buy it by adding it to your cart. Popular methods of paying for your order are payments throughย credit cards or PayPal.

  • Can i trust the sellers?

Just like Ebay and Amazon each seller on Aliexpress has a feedback score which the buyers leave on the store page. Check Feedback for each seller to see what the customers have to say about the owner, i find that the feedback is the most helpful and effective way of judging the overall credibility and quality of the store and the products sold. Always check the feedback people!

  • Is it safe to pay on Aliexpress?

Okay, now ive never had an issue with my payments. Aliexpress is a large online retailer and offers buyer protection, which basically means that if you don’t get your oder within the set delivery time frame you can ask for money back and you actually do end up getting it back. Just hope it never comes to that. If you pick out the seller wisely and communicate with them then problems like such are less likely to arise.

  • What is the quality of clothes like?

Again you can judge product quality by checking feedback, most of the time the quality is great. But always remember you get what you paid for, so if you’re paying $30 for a Balmain dress then its only common sense that its fake, and most of the designer stuff you will see on the site will be dupes of the original. But most store I’ve come across have really good quality clothes.

  • How long does it take for the order to arrive?

Depending on your location the shipping dates will vary but most of the time within two to three weeks ive received my orders, sometimes i’ve had to wait as long as a month but never longer than that. So if you want next day shipping Aliexpess is not the place you should be. You can get your order faster by paying more for express shipping if you like. The tracking system on the site and on the app is very helpful and it keeps updating so you always know how far your order has reached.

  • Will i have to pay custom duty on my order?

Depending on the size of your order the probability of paying duty will vary. Now I’ve never had to pay duty but on larger orders ive ad to pay a very nominal shipping fee which i feel is of a very immaterial amount in most cases. Now if you order electronics then you might have to pay duty but it just depends upon your country’s custom policy so there is no definite answer for this question.

  • Does Aliexpress ship to my country?

Aliexpress ships worldwide, so I’m sure if you live in this world you will get your order!

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I hope this post addressed all the burning questions you might have had, cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

Following are some of my hauls which feature Aliexpress clothing, if you wish o see what the clothes are like:

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