Hello everyone! today i thought of sharing with you some of the very best tv shows i van watched and still watching.

I find myself getting bored from one show very quickly so i tend to watch a umber of shows and series at he same time, and since getting netflix i feel i do more scrolling and less watching, but i have managed to pick out some of the finest shows available for young adults.

Fair warning, i love shows that have a lot or romance in them, so if you’re a lad or lassie who doesn’t like all the touchy and sentimental stuff, click away right now, but i would highly recommend that you to read on, cheers!

Without any particular order, here we go;



  • Grand Hotel: if you’re into foreign shows, and by that i mean shows in languages other than English then you will love this show to bits. Especially if you’re into the forbidden love, not equal social status, set in the early 1900s then you will LOVE this show even more. The entire show is in Spanish (available with subtitles). The story revolves around an incredibly handsome guy who goes to meet his lost sister at the Grand hotel and ends up working there. The show has a great mystery going on for it. He ends up falling for the daughter of the owner of the hotel. The chemistry between the two leads is intense and there have been times i have found myself screaming at my laptop screen “bloody kiss already!”




  • Skins: i was amazed as to how long it took me to discover this show! Its a very different show, very real and lets the characters grow very naturally, the thing that i love about the show is how each character is true to theirselves and their habits. The cast of the show changes very two season, it follows a group of kids studying towards their A levels in Bristol, the show revolves around drugs, a lot of them, all sorts of them! I have ro say the second volume cast was my favorite, i loved each and every character on the show. The story has drama, thrill, mystery and dirty love! Its amazing.







  • Outlander: another show that is very popular these days is Outlander and i seriously love the show. One thing i dislike is how much time they waste, i feel that a lot of people would appreciate that the episode is super long and very much in-depth but i’m used to 45 minute shows, i don’t want an episode to be a movie, i have a short attention span as it is, however there are some episodes in the show that have left me so excited and with a high blood pressure that 56 minutes seemed to pass like 5! Its set in the 1940’s where a married women accidentally gets transported back in time to Scotland in the late 18th century, there she meets a very charming (and very HOT) young man whom she marries to protect herself. I love the costumes, makeup, hair on the show, the filming gives a very true feeling of what life and struggles were back in the day. Its one of the shows you have to watch to actually know what its all about!



  • Narcos:  another very popular show on Netflix, Narcos is an absolute genius of a show, and when you think that the whole show is a documentary based on real life events and decisions made by Pablo Escobar and the FEDS, i feel you will get a little screwed in the head. I mean Pablo Escobar was an absolute horrid of a human being and i’m sure most of the people watching the show would want I’m dead but the man was a genius, always one step ahead of the police! I learned quite a lot of significant political events in Columbia where Escobar was a drug lord, and the struggle of the local authorities to hunt him down. That guy was so rich that he ran out of places to store his cash! I mean think how many cars you can buy with that money!



  • Smallville:  ok major throwback, this show first aired in 2001 i believe and it is the life story of none other than the Man of Steel himself, all the way from Krypton to Earth. I’m not into Sci-fi tv shows to be honest but i started watching this sow just to know why it was so popular back in the day, also i find Tom Welling really cute so that is that. The show is very good i was surprised at myself as to how much i enjoyed it, being girl in my 20’s i surprised myself quite a lot! I love all the characters on the show, and i so badly wanted wee Clarke Kent to end up with Lana Lang, but eh, we don’t always get what we want!? A great show to watch.




  • Game of thrones: ok i’m sad that i have to mention this show on a list of shows to watch, because its one of the shows that you either watch or are blind (do forgive me, Lord)! It angers me more when i have to convince people to watch the show, i mean its the 21st century you should be watching game of thrones. In the 2000’s we had Harry Potter,  so you were either a Potter head or dead, and now you’re either a game of thrones freak or you’re just a freak, you decide the choice is yours!

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