Hello everyone! Its that time of the year where i start to feel spendy a little bit more so than usual, and I’m sure most of you out there who like shopping in general also observe a spike in expenses, i blame it on the media, i mean Black Friday, holiday shopping, wedding season. Just all of it makes you want to shop till you drop or go bankrupt!

But apart from my bad shopping habits i want to talk about something completely different today in this post. I while back, probably during summer of this year i placed an order on Sephora and the item i was most excited about in my cart was The Clinique clinical dark spot corrector. You know how on Sephora you make a cart and you add things to your cart, its your dream cart which you can never afford, not until you sell a kidney or something, so i had a cart full of things i wanted but dint really need, well when it came to placing an order naturally i had to get rid of a lot of “excess” stuff ad get my cart total down to something i could actually afford. Well, i got rid of A LOT of cool items but one item that stayed in the cart through all deliberation was the Clinical dark spot corrector by Clinique, so you can now imagine how much i was looking forward to using it!

how to fade acne scarring

When my order finally arrived the first thing i did was use the corrector, but i have to say i wasn’t impressed with it at all. So i decided to test it out more and see what kind of results i got after using it for a while. Before purchasing the clinique corrector i was using the Kiehl’s Clearly corrective dark spot serum which i live by, but i just wanted to find an item that would be just as good or even better than my cult favorite from Kiehls.

how to fade acne scarring

Its been a long while since i’ve had the Clinique corrector and I’m saddened to say that i did not like this product AT ALL. Personally i love using Clinique skin care, I’m an avid user of their dramatically different moisturizing gel and i will keep repurchasing it till the end of time, but the clinical corrector i will never make the mistake of buying again.

The product promises to help fading hyperpigmention and marks you get after your zit goes away but forever leaves behind its grave.

Surprisingly the product has great reviews online, and that was one of the reasons why i bought it in the first place, and after using it i’ve started to place less faith on reviews on the internet, guys you can’t trust everything on the internet, especially if its on Wikipedia (just a side note)

how to fade acne scarring

I liked the texture of the product, which a lot of people complained about on review forums, its silicon-y but drying. It doesn’t do much for spots however it did improve the texture of my skin, i felt that my pore were less visible and my skin in general looked of “better quality” if that makes sense.

If i were to give a final verdict, i would say this product is not worth it at all, you can spend a bit extra on the Kiehl’s Clearly corrective serum and get a zillion times better results. Its better than wasting money on something that does NOTHING! Or try other Clinique skincare which is usually a big hit for me but this product in particular i am not a fan of.

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  • Maha Shahid

    I haven’t tried Kiehl’s Dark Spot Eraser Serum, though it is on my wishlist. Thank you for an honest review πŸ‘

    • Honesty is the best policy πŸ™‚ thanks a lot Maha <3

  • oops. I can imagine how it feel when those dark spots don’t fade as I have the same skin issue.=(