Hello everyone! i’ve been on a kick lately and I’m enjoying it, i’m so glad that i’ve become regular with my posting habits on my site, i’m finding it quite therapeutic.

So i feel my site lacked fashion posts, and so i’ve taken this task upon myself to post more outfit posts because i’ve been ordering stuff like crazy but i still feel my wardrobe is not the way i want it, and so I’m experimenting with more colors, designs, patterns and cuts. I feel getting your wardrobe to the way you want it is always a work in progress, but for quite sometime i was finding myself struggle to establish a sense of style and so i was just ordering things like crazy, trying to get into new things, i feel that the look ive put together in this post definitely reflects my sense of style but i also want to venture out of my comfort zone and try newer things!

I feel like I’m making no sense at all, so I’m just gonna get on with it.

I ordered these pair of mom jeans from Topshop, i’ve been on the look out for a good pair of sturdy mom jeans for a while and finding the ones that fit perfectly was a struggle, but these ones are amazing i love how they fit and feel on, they are so comfortable.

I paired the jeans with a black mock neck top, I’m really into these kinds of tops they hug the figure in just the right places and look super faltering!

And to finish off the look i put on a really cute bomber jacket with really cool sticker cut outs, i ordered the bomber from Aliexpress and I’m so chuffed with it, it fits perfectly, and its not too warm so its perfect for winter where i live!
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