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Hello ladies! get excited because its almost fall, even if you live tropically and you don’t really see the leaves turning into different shades of red and orange i would encourage you to channel the autumnal season within, thats what i do because i do like this time of the year where everything just feels cozier and festive!

I, myself have invested in a number of fall candles to make sure that fall comes this time, at least in my house!

However i like to call September the crossroad between summer and autumn, hence i titled the post “in between seasons”

I went for  casual and comfy look, except for the heels, I wear them so less that its a challenge for me to walk in them and i end up walking like a kangaroo :’) but I’m trying to get better at my catwalk, haha waddup Miss Jay!

I decided to wear the white cotton top i bought from breakout a while back now and i paired it with the best, most comfortable jeans in the entire world; the Joni Jeans from Topshop, they literally fit like a glove, i love how they look on me and i can’t revue about them enough!

I decided to go a bit formal with my shoe selection and decided to wear my Borjan Heels which are super cute with a tribal aztec print. I love platform heels more than any other type of heel because they are relatively more comfortable to walk in!

I hope you enjoyed this post, here are a few items, similar to what I’m wearing in the post, ENJOY 🙂

white-top white-top-zara white-yop-1
high-waisted-jeans joni-jeans jeans
borjan-heels heels heels1
fringe-bag fringe-bag-1 fringe-bag2

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