Hello everyone! today i will be reviewing probably the most sought after palette of 2016; The Too Faced sweet peach palette.

Ive been trying to get my hands on this one for the longest time, it got sold out everywhere way too soon, and each time i saw someone on Youtube talk about it, i was like ” OH GOD I NEED THIS!”


Now i just dint want the palette because of the aesthetics or because everyone was raving about it, i wanted it for the actual eye shadows in the palette.

Every single color in the palette i would use, i would mostly gravitate towards the browns and the peach shades more but when I’m feeling a bit crazy i would go all in for the darker shades as well.

Too faced  swwet peach palette swatches Too faced  swwet peach palette swatches Tooface swwet peach palette swatches

As soon as i got the palette i opened it to see if it smelled like peaches, now to be honest i really don’t know what peaches smell like because i feel they don’t really have a strong scent, i do however know what they taste like, but i dint take that risk with the palette. So the palette does smell of something, i wouldn’t know for the world whether the smell is of peaches or a really good perfume if it wasn’t called sweet peach :’)

The shades are so beautiful, the lighter ones are less pigmented comparatively, but they are amazing for just highlighting the high points, i love the peaches and collection of browns, you get a lot of transition colors with this palette as well which is great. I love the darker shades as well they are super pretty.

The colors have amazing pay off, and they blend really well, especially all the transition shades, i was amazed at how clean i was with my makeup when i used this palette because the colors are super easy to work with.

Too faced  swwet peach palette swatches

Top and middle row

Too faced  swwet peach palette swatches

Bottom row

Too faced  swwet peach palette swatches

Also the packaging is a God send! seriously i LOVE the packaging! Ive heard the palette is being restocked and will be in stores November 2016, so i suggest you get your hands on it as soon possible, its exhausting to keep wanting things that are sold out!


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