Hello everyone! so i finally jumped on the train that leads to King Kylie land and bought a lip kit in 22. Now i usually someone who falls prey to “highly raved about” products easily, because i have this weakness of wanting and collecting and hoarding makeup. So when the lip kits came out, naturally i wanted to get them, but i decided not to because i already had way too much makeup for myself and was like “Anushae, save money!” and so i surpassed the materialistic monster inside of me for a while (bad decision) because when the monster finally made its way out, it had turned into a giant red angry beast and in all its fury it made me place an order for the lip kit (there, “shopaholicsism” Β explained)

Kylie jenner lip in 22

Kylie jenner lip in 22

So these lip kits apparently are extremely sought after and getting a hold of them is like getting an autograph from the queen. I was lucky enough to get my hands on 22, even though i was leaning towards Dolce K and True Brown K, but i decided that i dint need any more browns and opted for 22.

Kylie jenner lip in 22kylie jenner lip kit 22 swatches

22 is a very pretty burnt orange color, the type thats not in your face bright but definitely bright enough to make you whole face pop!


kylie jenner lip kit 22

Kylie jenner lip in 22

Now there are so many negative reviews about these lipsticks online, i was bummed even before receiving the order and had prepared myself for the worst.But I was pleasantly surprised when i tested the product out. Now i am someone who hates matte lips so i knew i wasn’t going to be crazy about the formulation but honestly these lip kits are so comfortable compared to colorpop. I really don’t like the colorpop Β  lippies, they are super drying and chunky on the lips, but the Kylie lip kits i believe are far superior in terms of wearability compared to colorpop.

Kylie jnner lip kit lip swatches

Kylie jenner lip in 22

I really like the lip liner, but i wouldn’t rate it as the best liner ever, its comfortable but there is a definite room for improvement.

The lipstick stays on for a long time, its good to eat and drink with, also it has powdery sort of finish on the lips which doesn’t really bother me, my lips after a while feel as if there is nothing on them.

Kylie jenner lip kit 22 lip swatch

So i’m a fan of these lip kits, no matter what anyone says, i feel they are not the best value for money product out there but definitely something that one can try.

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