Hello everyone! so today i wanted to talk about Colleen Rothschild Skincare products. Not going to lie i dint know about the brand till they got in touch with me and sent me a couple of things to try out from their brand.

Colleen rothschild skincare

I only review the things which i genuinely like that get sent to me, and i really like Colleen Rothschild skincare so far.

Colleen rothschild skincare review radient cleasing balmColleen rothschild sheer renewal cream skincare review

I got sent two products; The sheer renewal cream and radiant cleansing balm.

The sheer renewal cream is my favorite out of the two. Ive been getting spots recently and my skin is such that a red spot takes centuries to fade away and the only thing that works for my skin is the Kiehls clearly corrective dark spot serum (which I’m currently out of, so imagine my anxiety level!)

Colleen rothschild sheer renewal cream review

So at this point, i’d like to think that this product was a God send and it came in at just the right time, it has worked so well in rebuilding my broken skin, the red spots are fading and my skin feels even and repaired almost.

Its described as;

“Oil-Free moisturizer provides continuous, weightless hydration and promotes new cell turnover to help minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
Its powder finish leaves skin with a light breathable barrier that offers broad environmental defense. “

I use this before going to bed, and i wake up with a bright face, i also feels the pores on my cheeks are less prominent after using this, so i give it an A! The packaging reminds me of minimalist modern art which i’m really into these days.

If you are someone who struggles with dry skin or patches on the face then i can not recommend this product to you enough!

The second product i was sent was the radiant cleansing balm,  i simply love the packaging of this cleanser, also the texture is so silky on the skin, i really like how it feels. I already use the Clinique cleansing balm religiously and i love it, so i was super excited to test Colleen Rothschild’s cleanser out.

Colleen rothschild skincare reviewColleen rothschild radient cleansing balm review

Firstly i love the way it smells, also i feel its a great product to breakup all the makeup on the face, it does a great job at cleaning the eye makeup as well, except for water proof mascara, that is a bit of a struggle to take off with this one, whilst my clinique one takes the water proof mascara off pretty easily. However i feel this cleaner does a better job at cleaning up foundation, sometimes after Clinique i need to double cleanse if I’m wearing a heavier foundation that leaves my skin tight and dry, but with the radiant cleanser i don’t have to do the extra step, my skin doesn’t get dry, on the contrary it fee;s super moisturized and soft.

The cleansing balm comes with a Muslin cloth which i have become slightly obsessed with, i use it every time i wash my face!

If you are thinking of making a purchase then use the code SAY S20 to get a discount 🙂

Radiant-Cleansing-Balm_Resized_grande 4-sheer_renewal_cream_sidebyside_copy_grande


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