Hello everybody! i feel like the nerdy glasses tree came and went but i never really stepped on the train leading to cool-ville. I have a small, teeny tiny head and getting bigger glasses that look good on my face is close to impossible, unpossible and dispossible!

When Firmoo.com contacted me and asked me if i’d like to pick a pair f glasses from their site, i was like “HECK, YES!”

Ive always worn very standard glasses that don’t stand out because I’ve always felt that glasses don’t suit me and drown my tiny face and make me look like a geek! However that trend is just what i see on tumblr these days and i always scroll through tumblr to get inspiration and as soon as i saw Firms collection it felt i was raiding some really cool hipster girls tumblr closet!

Ive throughly enjoyed wearing these glasses, i got in my prescription and i love wearing them out. I feel when you have statement glasses you pull off the geeky look quite easily and it looks super cute!

Here is me in wearing my all day erryday glasses:

all day glasses

Here is me wearing Firmoo glasses:

Collective haul for post

You can get a pair of glasses for FREE from Firmoo by using the code “ANUSHAE” before checking out. Sadly the code doesn’t cover shipping, but atlas the glasses are free! The code is valid till 5Th August 2016.

Their shipping is super fast, i got my order within a week, and the quality of glasses is great! I feel like I’m going to change them into sunglasses with nice reflective shades, how cool would that look!?


I talk in more detail in my video:

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