Hello everyone! being Asian brings all kinds of gifts, one gift that is hereditary is the gift of long thick hair, a skin the doesn’t burn and basically thick hair growth everywhere which is a gift that keeps on giving, waxing and threading are good options to get rid of the unwanted hair but they aren’t permeant options and basically hair removal is a ritual you have to follow every month or you’ll end up looking like a hairy man! And even if you’re not south Asian and just a hairy girl then you can feel my pain, i am sure!

I feel laser hair removal is the next best especially where you get coarse hair, also i feel that in the long run laser is a lot cheaper compared to waxing and the peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to get rid of unwanted hair has benefit that are immeasurable!

So today i thought i’d talk about laser hair removal and what preparations you’ll need to do and stuff you’ll need to know before getting a procedure done.

You might think that making laser hair removal preparations is as simple as letting your hair grow out so the laser has something to target. But that’s not how it works. In fact, letting your hair grow out isn’t even on the list of prep work you should do.

You see, lasers actually get deep down into your skin. Their beams can target the hair that you can’t see, not just the hair that you can. It’s a bit like applying weed killer in a garden. You don’t necessarily have to see the weeds to treat the soil. The same is true of removing unwanted body hair. Most of it lurks below the surface. Lasers can find it, whether you have recently waxed or shaved or not. But there are still things you should do to prepare for the procedure.


Get to Know Your Skin and Its Qualities

You should never sign up for a laser procedure of any kind, even something as simple as hair removal, unless you really understand your skin. That’s because a specific piece of complex can’t necessarily treat every skin type. That’s why there are so many different types of machines in the skincare market today. They each are calibrated to do different things to different skin types.

One important characteristic of your skin that plays a major role in the type of laser hair removal machine that should treat you is the color. Some lasers can handle treating darker skin and others can’t. Another contributing factor is your skin’s general health. If you have rosacea, acne scars, extra oily skin, or extra dry skin, some lasers might make those issues worse.

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Learn About the Different Lasers Available

Once you understand yourself, you should look into the lasers themselves. They all vary in intensity and accuracy. One of the strongest and most accurate types is the YAG laser. If you have a YAG treatment, you can expect to say good-bye to your unwanted hair for quite a while after you’re done. You also shouldn’t have any stray hairs that escape the laser beam because it is calibrated for nearly 100% accuracy.

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Look Into the Reputations of Area Clinics

The next thing you should do to prepare for laser treatment is to go to a couple of clinics in your area and check them out. See what the staff members are like and how comfortable and well-established the clinics feel. While you’re at it, don’t be afraid to question the clinic staff about the laser hair removal options they offer.

During the clinic research process, remember that clinics can sometimes lie about their credentials and equipment. For example, some clinics advertise YAG lasers when they actually use other types of laser machinery. That’s why it’s important for you, as the patient, to be able to recognize the type of laser you want and research the clinic thoroughly. 

Follow the Hair Removal Clinic’s Directions Carefully

After you have found a laser hair removal clinic that you can trust, a final step in preparing for the procedure is to follow any directions that the clinic gives you. Some might ask you not to shave or wax too close to your treatment time, but most won’t care about that. What they will probably tell you is to not use any perfumes, sprays, or oils on your skin because they can interfere with laser treatments. As long as you follow the instructions that they give, your procedure should work well.

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