Hello everyone! if you follow me on other social media then you’ll know why i was MIA for a while. I was on a much needed holiday with my family. When life gets busy and you no longer are left with the motivation to get up and live the day its a sign that a vacation is needed. I had all the symptoms and was almost borderline suicidal, so i’m glad the holiday came when it did. It was a sudden trip and by that i mean we got to know that we were leaving the next day, so i wasn’t able to buy any cute clothes for the holiday, instead i just packed whatever i had. However it turned out pretty good!

air blue flight karachi to islamabad

So we took the flight from Karachi to Islamabad and from there we travelled by road to Abbottabad. It was a 3 to 4 hour drive up, the road was a bit bumpy but nothing that good music couldn’t fix. Also by road we passed many small town and villages and the road up north is pretty picturesque , with beautiful green hills  and some creeks flowing.

We stayed at Hotel One is Abbottabad which is probably one of the best hotels in the area. Abbottabad is a small town, a road runs through the town and it rains a lot, so i would recommend carry umbrellas, also in the summer it gets pretty hot there so its best to keep light clothes. Theres honestly not much to do in the town except eat, but you can drive to near by hill stations to get a good view and get some trekking done, The nearest Hill station is Thandiani which is an hour and half away from Abbottabad, the road up is pretty high so take chewing gum with you, if you have nausea issues!

Once you reach the top, the nausea, the bumps and the mountain smell will all be worth it. Honestly its such a wondrous place, so quite so calm so different from the hassle of the city, a very good picnic spot i must say, also you can stock up on Facebook displays up here :’)

I know i did!

Thandiani abbottabad Thandiani abbottabad
Thandiani abbottabad
Thandiani abbottabad Thandiani abbottabad Thandiani abbottabad Thandiani abbottabad

There are a number of restaurants up the hill and you can get some really nice Chai and pakoras, plus the view is just breathtaking!

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