Hello everyone! so excited to finally review the Tartlette in Bloom. I bought this a while ago and I’ve been saving it up in my Sephora bag to haul it in a video – which will be up soon! As soon as i got my order the first thing i did was check the Tarte palette, firstly because i am obsessed with Tarte, its my favorite high end brand, i love the packaging, the pigmentation of the eyeshadows, everything about the brands’ products is luxurious!

tartelette in bloom palette

Ive tried Tarte shadows before and I’m a fan, i love how velvety they are and are super easy to blend. When this platte first came out, i thought to myself this deserves to be in my stash but the level headed side of me said “No, Anushae! you don’t need anymore eyeshadows”! and for a while i let the wise side control me but as soon as my birthday came i was like, “No!” and so i bought it.

tartelette in bloom palette

Now that we have longest story told, lets move on to the packaging. And oh my goodness it’s such an eye catcher, i really like the colors, the design reminds me of art class where your teacher tells you to create a nice design using different blush strokes, fun stuff.

The palette comes with 12 eye shadows, and the color selection ranges from warm neutrals to pinky neutrals. The main reason why i bought the palette was because of all the shimmer colors which have amazing pigmentation bytheway! The mattes are equally buttery and so easy to blend, the quality of the eye shadows is so good, i’d prefer them over the Naked palettes any day!

tartelette in bloom palette tartelette in bloom palette

All the colors, even the lightest mattes have amazing color payoff, also i like the fact that there are so many transition colors in this palette, which makes mixing the colors so easy. I feel tarte shadows are good for beginners because they are so easy to work with, also you can create so many looks with this palette its insane!

Also how pretty is it to look at?!

tartelette in bloom palette tartelette in bloom palette

On the lids, the lighter colors need to be built up, but if you use them as transition colors then i think the pigmentation is perfect the way it is, also i feel that the pigmentation depends on what look you are going for, i personally enjoy a neutral eye which leans more towards the warmer side, and for that i think the palette is perfect for me. I also like using the shimmer colors as highlighters because of their super pigmentation.

tartelette in bloom palette

I believe this palette is a great add for people who enjoy having a neutral eye with a bit of shimmer, although i feel it would be wrong to just say that you can only create a neutral eye with this, because that is not true you can definitely take the colors up a notch and go for a full on sexy eye!

tartelette in bloom palette

Thank for reading!

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