Hello everyone today I wanted to talk about the Lip couture melted lipsticks by luscious cosmetics that came out with a while back. I’m so proud of Luscious, I know I say this every time I review something from the brand but I genuinely love how far they’ve come and the best bit is that they are affordable.

Now I’ll start off with the packaging and I have to say, it’s very benefit cosmetics-esque. I love stuff with pretty packaging, not sure why because the first thing you do when you get a product is get rid of the packaging, I wish I could say the same about myself but I’m such a hoarder I still have the boxes lying around, how bad is that. Although I’ve been good this year lately, so far I’ve DE cluttered my wardrobe as well as my makeup collection and I feel like I’m left with all the stuff I will and am going to use, so pat on the back for that!

I have two of the lip coutures, one is matte (L.A Mode) and the other has a glossy finish (red carpet), i would describe both of them to be quite velvety matte. And oddly enough I like that, I much prefer it when the mattes have a bit of a texture to them so that you have the option of rubbing your lips together (I mean that’s just my preference, and if you are someone who counts that characteristic in buying lip products, then cheers!)

Luscious velvet matte lip creams

I got two colors; L.A mode which is a warm brown and Red Carpet which is a pinky orangeish red – that is the only way I can describe it!

Now as soon as I saw L.A mode I was like “yeah I’ll take that, thank you” im into brown lips – Thanks Kylie Jenner- and so far I have quite the collection of browns. Also I’m going to take a leap and say that L.A mode could quite possibly pass as a dupe for Dolce K by Kylie Jenner which I have wanted for so long but it’s so blooming hard to get a hold of! Texture wise it is not similar to the Kylie Jenner Lip kits however I feel the color could be a possible dupe!

Red Carpet is a color that looks different in pictures varying in which light the photo was taken, and I love it when colors do that because it feels you got two lip colors for the price of one. So in some lighting it looks a bit pink whilst in some an orangey red, but if I could put my finger on just one shade I would say that its more pinky orange than orangey red.

Luscious velvet matte lip creamsLuscious velvet matte lip creams

The color goes on smooth on the lips but I have tiny lips so the applicator picks up a bit more color for my lip area and I’m always left with more product on my lips – first world problems!

Luscious velvet matte lip creams

I like how the product feel on my lips, but I do want to point out that L.A mode becomes a bit streaky after a while of wearing it which is a shame because it’s such a pretty color, the best way to counteract the streakiness is to wipe of access product and blot the color so it becomes super matte which will leave it smooth and it’ll stay on for longer as well.

DSC_1224 1

Red carpet on the other hand is super smooth and stays that way as long as you don’t lick your lips too much or wash your face.

anushae says

There are also so many more shades that I’m eyeing from the range and I cannot wait to get my hands on them.

You can get these from luscious cosmetics website or from Just4girls, and luscious cosmetics website and counters 🙂

g04_red_carpet m03_a_la_mode


Thanks for reading!

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