Hello everyone! So I’ve been on a major highlighter kick lately and oh my word I’ve had the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow kit in The glow for a while now and I’ve been waiting to put it in a haul on my channel but I’ve been waiting for everything to arrive, and some bits are still left, imagine my disappointment!

However i was unable to contain my excitement any longer and decided the heck with it all, i shall post this review and so God stop me!

anastasia beverly hills glow kit

Ive not delved into a lot of ABH products to be honest, i know they are good for the brows but i’m pretty basic when it comes to brows, i just use a black eye shadow and get done with it, also I’ve been wanting to try out their eye shadow palettes for a while but i just never get an opportunity to try them out, i always end up getting something with better packaging (i’m looking at you Tarte and Too Faced). anyway concluding the very long intro, as soon as i saw that ABH was out with highlighters i had to get at least one, and so i did and I’ve been saving it for a month to review and now the impatient monster inside of me is raging out of its cage which i am finally killing off with this post. Now lets get into the review;

anastasia beverly hills glow kit

anastasia beverly hills glow kit

I got the kit in That Glow and its the pink one and oh god it is the mostΒ beautiful piece of materialistic capitalism you will ever hold. The palette is a pretty minimal packaging and definitely not something Tarte would release but weirdly i quite like the minimalist look it has going on for it, i like that the flap is magnetic and easy to travel with.

anastasia beverly hills glow kit

The palette comes with four powder shades;

  • Sunburst:i would describe it as cool gold color, its kind of similar to Opal by Becca and it has a very nice golden sheen to it, its one of those colors that reflects light and gives you super chiseled looking cheek bones
  • Golden bronze: it is warm bronzy shade that looks super sultry paired with a warm contour, i do feel this would look gorgeous on deeper skin tones, a lot better than lighter ones, its a gorgeous color which i totally get away with wearing in the day time.
  • Bubbly: it is a light gold shade which looks amazing with a peach blush, thats how i like to wear it. It reflects light but it isn’t as intense as Sunburst and i feel would look great when you want to go for a subtle glow
  • Dripping in gold: is pretty similar to bubbly except that it has warmer undertones to it.

anastasia beverly hills glow kit

anastasia beverly hills glow kit

All these highlighters are super pigmented and look great on! I feel that you further intensify the highlight if you use setting spray on the brush before dipping it in the pan. Oh the glow you get is outstanding!

The pans are removable from the case and so you can add it to another palette which i feel is an added benefit if you only want to travel with one shade rather than the whole palette. However one downside i feel is if you drop the palette the pans may fall out and break, honestly that has to be my biggest nightmare!

I ordered this palette off of Brands arena pk which is a Facebook page and i got an amazing deal for it, ordered it and got it within 2 days.

You can also check out the links below to get it delivered:

abh abh abh abh


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