Hello everyone, cheers summer vacation is just round the corner, although its not all cheery for me because you don’t get summer vacation from work, which needs to considered for the future, i mean we live in the 21st century for god’s sake!

Anyway, its been a while since i posted on my site and that is because I’ve been feeling low on inspiration these days, don’t know why. But i was tired to just review things and leave it at that, i mean everyones doing that, and so it hit me; i enjoy listening to music and discovering new music is like cream onto od strawberries on a warm sunny day; its amazing. Because we don’t have spotify here (which i totally don’t get why?!) i decided to fill in the vacuum, at least thats what I’ve told myself :’)

Ive compiled a list of the 7 songs I’ve been loving  A LOT, and by that i mean I’ve played them on repeat on one point which have kind of pushed my sister off the edge a little bit, but i can’t help it i as born with OCD!

Here are my picks, i hope you enjoy them and i hope you end up finding a new song that you would play on repeat; here we go

Top 5 songs of the month from Anushae on Vimeo.

Song List:

  1. Robbers – The 1975
  2. Take me home – Jess Glynne
  3. Middle – DJ Snake ft Bipolar Sunshine
  4. Let you go – Chainsmokers
  5. Alas we aspire – Amy Stroup
  6. Why me – Jess Glynne
  7. Water under the bridge – Adele

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Hello everyone! welcome to my blog. I review makeup and fashion products (obviously) along with that i post about any and everything i feel like from lifestyle to my life ramblings. Watch this space :)

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