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Hello everyone, today i wanted to talk about the Luscious Cosmetics face contour kit, it came out a while ago but i was just sent this and as soon as i saw it, i freaked out because the packaging is so cute.

Luscious face contour kit

The kit reminds me of 90’s makeup, i remember being little going through my moms makeup (as you do) and the palettes used be so colorful, i feel like a lot of brands are making their packing more and more modern so i deeply adore the fact that this palette is retro looking, also it is totally instagramable!


The kit comes with two contour shades,a highlighter and an illuminator. The darkest contour color is a bit too dark on me but i love the fact that the kit offers variety for different skin tones, the lighter brown is perfect for me, i’d compare it to the Too faced milk chocolate soleil bronzer in terms of color.

Luscious face contour kit

Coming to how easy the shades are to work with; now for me i love playing with bronzers and i don’t mind going a bit heavy with bronzer to be honest because i do like the tanned look especially in summer, but if you don’t like a heavy bronzed look i suggest you keep a light hand on the brush because a lot of product comes in all at once, the shades are super pigmented so if you get a lot of it on, it could end up being a pain to work with.

I found the shades really easy to work with, they were super blendable, the best way to use the colors is with a soft brush, not a stiff one, trust me the application makes so much difference on the finished look and i feel with this kit a softer brush is the way to go.

Luscious face contour kit

Coming to the highlighters, i’d describe it as a warm golden bronze which has hints of dark rose gold in it (if that makes sense).I’m on a major highlighter kick at the moment and the one in the kit is right up my alley. I loved how it applied, i feel it could be a hit and miss with some people, especially if you are someone who loves The Balms Mary Loumanizer. I’d like to self appoint myself and claim that; both the highlighters are very different, the one in the kit gives you a soft glow, whilst Mary Loumanizer is a full on highlighter, and both are brilliant for what they are. I’d use the one in the kit on a daily basis because the highlight isn’t as intense and the Mary Lou for a fancy night out. Imagine going to uni with Mary Lou on, oh that would be so cringe! Bottom line: the golden highlighter in the kit is amazing!

Now coming to the illuminator, i really liked it, but i would say its a bit light so i did have to pack it on for it to really show up, i use the illuminator on my brow bone, nose tip and cupids bow and in those areas it is absolutely divine!

Luscious face contour kit review and swatches

Overall i think the contour kit is a very good investment, especially during this time of year, bronzers during the summer are a must, you gotta get that tan! Also i feel for the price you get your moneys worth. Also the packaging <3 If you wish to purchase the kit you can get it from Luscious cosmetics counters nation wide, or you can order it online through (use discount code: J4GMH5 to get 5% discount)


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