Hello everyone! its been a while since i last raved about a product, so today is the day i shall fulfill my much needed dose of ‘rave’. I’m gonna start off by saying that me writing this post is rather ‘ironic’ because i have always had a ‘no oil ever touches my face’ policy. Don’t know how that became a thing, my guess is because i have super oily skin and the concept of putting more oil just seemed stupid to me.

Even though I’ve read multiple beauty bloggers say; ‘oil is good even if you have oily skin’ and i did try once, i put baby oil on my face (probably the biggest mistake ever) because my skin got super congested and disgusting and since then i have said NO to oils, UNTIL recently.

fresh seaberry face oil

I bought the Fresh Seaberry face oil after using a  tester i got from Sephora, which i used as a last resort when my skin got sun burned. I do still have oily skin but this oil just works for me. It worked so well in healing the burn, and since then my opinion on face oils has somewhat altered.

This is a very good, antioxidant-rich oil. The bottle is very simplistic/minimalist looking, comes with a drop applicator, the smell of the oil is very fresh and it doesn’t linger on after you have put it on, and even if it does its not sickly at all, so if you have a rather sensitive nose, i got you:). The texture of the oil is pretty oily (as you would expect) however i feel its light weight compared to most face oils, and that is what makes it so good for people like me who have oily skin. When i put it on, my skin feels liberated rather than feeling as if it is drowning in oil.


So this oil comes enriched with omega  3, 6, 7 and 9. Now that is pretty much all you need to get your skin to look healthy. Also i did some research and Seaberry is a plant native to Siberia and is known to have been used to cure and heal skin related issues, you can only imagine why the face oil is a great investment.

I fell in love with this oil when one fine day i got my upper lips done (as you do) and i came home and the whole upper lip area was as red as a tomato on LSD, i put moisturizer on but it just dint help calm my skin, and the next day i had really painful white heads, i tried everything to get rid of them, even used my clarisonic but NADA, and after losing all hope i put the Seaberry oil on, thinking “what else could possible go wrong?” and went to sleep, the next day was truly magical, all the redness was gone and my skin had calmed down by heaps. I used it for two more ays and everything went back to normal as if nothing had happened. So long story short, i LOVE this face oil, and i would highly recommend anyone looking for a nice face oil.

Its a bit pricey but its a one time investment, because you only need a little drop to cover your face, i mean i have small face, if you feel your face is rather long then use as required, but i bet your face can’t be that large that you’d run out of this oil anytime soon 🙂


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fresh seaberry face oil fresh seaberry face oil fresh seaberry face oil fresh seaberry face oil


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