Hello everyone! this post for me is super exciting because i got to attend the fragrance launch of Ayesha Zia’s premium perfumes! She was super sweet and so humble which i feel are pretty much the only qualities you need to be successful.


How cute is the packaging!

K, South Africa and Doha, how cool is that! She describes her scents as being unique and exotic. She was a chemistry student and is putting her knowledge to good use, props to her for that!

Now lets talk about the scenes, so far she has released 5 very unique smelling scents and i can assure you on their level of uniqueness because i have the samples and i literally could not stop sniffing them. I swear i was like one of those dogs that sniff drugs out! I have to say  i was pretty surprised with my ability to distinguish different underlining ingredients she has used in her perfumes (if nothing works out, i’m probably insuring my nose and becoming a professional smeller!)

The two scents which were marketed as the face of her brand were The Oud and Irum. She has three more called Islah, Signature Oud and Royal Mirange

irum ayesha zia scents islah ayesha zia scents oud ayesha zia scents signature-oud ayesha zia scents royal-mirage ayesha zia scents
  • Oud:The Oud, is an exotic, enticing blend of velvety, floral Oud with evocative, spicy mid-notes, which envelop a sensual arbour of musk” – I think the description on the site is spot on, if i could put my jumbled thoughts into words whilst smelling the bottle, these are the words i would use, also i feel musky scents can be a bit over powering but i wore this out the other day and each time i could smell myself i would feel refreshed!
  • Irum : Now this is my favorite scent out of the bunch. “.. with sweet, delicious floral tones and comforting woody, rich aromas. Escape reality, and embrace blooming juvenescence, with this bright, tender scent.” This scent reminds me of walking into Sephora and the mix of scents that come in all at once, i have tears in my eyes :’)
  • Islah: warming blooms of spice and fruity auras blend with jubilant notes of evocative rosemary and energetic citrus.” Islah is my second favorite scent, I’m a sucker for fruity notes in perfumes and this smells super nice and fancy, plus all these scents are very long lasting, I
    put Irum on and i can smell it when i open my closet!
  • Signature Oud: “Unmistakably lavish, this deluxe fragrance employs a velvety blend of opulent Oud and sparkling metallic touches, enveloped by precious balsamic and rich musky undertones.” – i feel this is a unisex scent, if i had to explain the scent myself i would explain it as the scent you smell as soon as you walk up the stage to meet the bride at a weeding and the stage smells exactly like this.
  • Royal Mirage: “Citrus echoes of bergamot crown a heart of frankincense, which celebrates exotic and regal Eastern origins.” This smells like a Dubai mall, and Dubai malls smell GOOD!

The scents will be available for consumers from the first week of Ramzan, and the prices will start from PKR 5500.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 10.04.22 PM

Overall, attending the launch was an amazing experience, i loved Ayesha Zia as an individual and i wish her all the best for the future, her fragrances are extremely regal, unique and exactly what we need in the market!

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