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Hello everyone, I’m sure you’re sick of hearing all about my brown lipstick fetish stories so I won’t talk about detail!

I have collected quite a few brown lipsticks, and the other day I was going over my collection of brown lippies and I realized that my collection was in a dire need of some Mac.

Just like your average makeup hoarder mac lipsticks are my weakness, although I have been super good lately as I’ve not bought a mac lipstick in ages. But I decided that the time had come for me to be naughty and not nice and hence I went over and placed myself a giant mac lipstick order.

Obviously whilst on the site I added like 5 brown lipsticks to my cart which I was able to narrow down to only two (pat on the back for that).

Tabla by MAC swatches

One of the lipsticks I ordered has become my new favorite brown lipstick ever and that’s the one I will be reviewing today, it’s none other than Tabla by Mac.

Tabla by MAC swatches

Tabla is surprisingly a very under rated shade and the fact that it comes in top in search engines when you type “brown lipstick by mac” doesn’t help its case either because I’ve never seen any blogger or YouTube guru talk about it, which is sad because it is such a beautiful brown color.

DSC_1185 Tabla by MAC swatches

I would describe the color as a warm brick brown, whenever I look at the color it reminds me of French toast which is weird I know but for some reason I feel that it would be a good color to put on when you have French toasts for breakfast! :’)

It has a very hydrating crème finish which is spot on to what I like the finish of my lipsticks to be. The color is pretty warm so it will make your whole face look warmer, if that makes sense. I feel that it makes my whole look ‘cozy’.

The color stays on for a while, also when it starts to fade you can tell that you had a brown lipstick on because it stains the lips. However sometimes I feel when I wash my face the color settles on the edges of my lips and I have to go over that area again to make sure its fully washed which is a bit annoying as it requires you to do an extra wash, but overlooking that I don’t think there’s anything to criticize.

I like the fact that it has glossy finish which is strictly non sticky, I hate the sight of chapped lips that matte lipsticks give you, and so I much prefer the finish of Tabla.

Tabla by MAC swatches

Also if you look closely you will see the stick has glittery bits in it, which I was kind of bummed when I saw because I hate glitter on lips however the glitter doesn’t show up on the lips at all, at least it dint show up on mine.

Tabla by MAC swatches Tabla by MAC swatches

Overall I love this lipstick!

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