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Hello everyone. Its been a while since i did a post on my site, and i throughly missed doing one! i can’t say I’ve been busy because that would be a lie, I’ve had all the time in the world, and I’ve been using that spare time quite effectively to be honest; been watching smallville! The show has 10 seasons! which makes me super happy because that means i’ll have entertainment for quite sometime, but it also makes me restless because “you gotta watch ’em all” and then i get sad because after i get done with the show i won’t have anything left to watch πŸ™

Anyway moving on with the post, i decided to open up (as if that needed to happen), but I’ve been getting a lot of email and instagram messages regarding my skin. Now I’ve mentioned uncountable times that my skin is not perfect, and to be honest i don’t think anybody has perfect skin. So in order to address all the questions I’ve been getting, here is a detailed post on my SKIN STORY.

Ive had oily skin as long as i can remember, however things got really bad back in 2014 when i turned 20. Ive had teenage acne but it wasn’t anything too serious, just normal hormonal acne, which cleared up when i turned 19, but as soon as i turned 20, i was gifted “adult acne” which is a beast in all its glory.

However, determined to get that perfect skin i decided to see a dermatologist because the home remedies were just NOT woking for me. The dermatologist put me on accutane, which was a miracle in all that it promised, but great power comes with great responsibility, and accutane left a giant hole in my bank balance! i used it for a year regularly and i found that my acne cleared up, i was also advised not to eat too much fried and dairy food, which was understandable because those are a real acne trigger for me. However as promising as accutace is, it does have a dark side; it leads to very bad hairfall and makes your skin super sensitive to the sun. Its safe to say it keeps the sunblock industry going.

Anyway fast forward a year, i stopped using accutane, funny thing is, it leads to hair fall, whilst leads to your face growing hair at an unusually faster rate. Weird how that is. I would like to mention that i DO NOT have PCOS, that is if you thought i did.

Breaking out :(

I stopped using accutane because my skin had cleared up and i had very little hair left. However accutane is i feel a hit and miss for different people. For some its a magic pill, whilst for some it is the devil in disguise. It was the later for me sadly, my acne returned and this time it was so deep in the skin it hurt. It dint show up as much on the surface level, but deep down it pained like a nail being hammered with a knife. So i turned to accutane again and started popping pills, have to say it wasn’t the wise decision i made, but desperate times call for desperate and not always well thought out decisions. But in my defense i knew at the back of my head that accutane is not the answer.

Skin after i stopped using accutane

Skin after i stopped using accutane

Ready to go under the knife -haha jokes :')

Ready to go under the knife -haha jokes :’)

I took to google to find other means to cure acne. And i came across dermabrasion which Β is a type of surgical skin planing, typically performed in a professional medical setting by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon trained specifically in this procedure,Β in which the skin is frozen and then a specialized instrument is used to “sand” the skin. This abrasive or planing action improves skin contour as a new layer of skin replaces the treated skin. The new skin generally has a smoother appearance.


This picture has nothing to do with the post, but how cute is my cat?!

Now as scary as that sounds, its not, however i would recommend you researching what it is before you get it done because its not the cheapest thing you’ll spend your money on. Anyway i decided to visit a dermatologist right away and this time i went to the Asian International Cosmetic Surgery Center and got my first dermabrasion done. The first sitting was painful, i had active acne deep in the skin so popping that out of the skin was..painful and not the most flattering, the pictures below show you how painful it was. But no pain no gain. However it lasted only 15 minutes (which did seem ages) but that got rid of the dead skin and acne. What they do is basically remove the upper layer of the skin through a chemical which burns it off. This balances the oil your skin produces and the less the better. It is a baby version of laser, which is more advanced and costlier.

dermabrasion before and after

Right after dermabrasion

I was recommended a second sitting as well, and was also prescribed some healing creams to calm my skin down because after the procedure you get scabs, and healing takes longer if you have active acne.

The second sitting was just as painful and was after two weeks. I wouldn’t say that my skin was perfect after the first sitting but i did notice that it wasn’t oily anymore, also i dint get any breakouts.

After the second sitting i stared to hate how my skin looked. It felt really smooth but it was red in places where i had acne and it turned into red spots. My doctor told me the fairer the skin the longer it will take the spots to heal, now I’m not snow white or anything, but basically it takes longer for spots to fade on my complexion, and if you’re fairer then may God give you patience!

I did battle with the red spots for quite some time and it was Β areal struggle finding the right product. i used many creams and serums and wasted a whole lot of G’s until i found Sunday riley’s Good genes (which is as expensive product) but i felt it pacified my skin a lot. However because after accutane my skin was super sensitive, it took time for it accept serums and many times my skin burned in the sun, which was not a common phenomena sans accutane.

I did get microdermabrasion done after 6 months, which helped further improve the texture of my skin. And being honest my skin improved heaps. I still get breakouts every once in a while because I’m human and i love to feed on dairy but the breakouts i get are not deep in the skin and fade away faster than their mean time in the past.

red spots treatment

Red spot struggle is real, also top left picture is when my skin burned

after microdermabrasion

After microdermabrasion

I was still searching for redness fading spots when i came across Kiehls clearly corrective dark spot serum. It was a total game changer and i swear by this product, it as helped in fading redness from my skin so fast.


After a month of using Kiehls serum – improvement in texture of skin

minimal to no makeup

Minimal to no makeup

I would highly recommend anyone struggling with acne to get dermabrasion done, its not that cheap but its an investment altogether. However before ending this extremely long yet insightful post on an inspirational note; acne is how you perceive it, it will be an ugly monster from hell if that is how you take it, and it will be a bliss if that is how you perceive it. As cliche as that sounds, I’ve struggled and strived a lot during the past two years and one thing I’ve learned is your outlook to things matters most which in effect alters your health and overall happiness. Don’t let acne get you down because trust me nothing lasts forever, and acne won’t either πŸ™‚

minimal to no makeup 1

Minimal to no makeup

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  • Roha

    Hello anoushae, seems like this post was just meant for me, i’ve been struggling with adult acne from a year and half now and the struggle is real πŸ˜‘. Anyway coming back to my question, how much dermabrasion cost around? And also where you get the other products that you have mentioned?

    • It actually depends so you’ll have to visit the doctor and they will tell you the cost. The products mentioned can be bought from Sephora, Nordstrom. Or through Facebook pages that take the orders πŸ™‚

  • Guest

    Did dermabrasion help with large pores?

  • Areeba

    Anushae did you use Accutane continously for an year, without any breaks? That is long time. I did same and suffered bad side effects. I was wondering which dosage you were on that year?