Good Shampoos for Colored hair.

Good Shampoos for Colored hair.
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Hello everyone! today i wanted to talk about some of the best shampoos I’ve tried thus far which not only give your hair the boost of volume but also helps in protect the color (i.e if you have color treated hair).

Ive colored my hair thrice before. The first time i used a box dye by Revlon Color Silk and i used the shade light golden brown, which wasn’t too light from my natural hair color, second time i used Solar Golden Brown by L’Oreal, again played it very safe. The third time however i went ahead with a balayage, which i had wanted for SO long. Anyway the whole point of this story being was to give you a little bit of hair history why which product has worked out for me and why some haven’t.

  1. Pantene Pro V Color Preserve Shine Shampoo: I mentioned this first because I’m currently using this shampoo, and it is amazing. I feel my hair are so much more voluminous since I’ve started using this shampoo, also i felt it has brought out the blonde in my hair. My hair was getting a bit brassy but since using this my color is looking better than ever!
  2. John Frieda Sheer Blonde Highlight activating shampoo: being prudent i bought this shampoo before i even got the Balayage done so that i’d have a shampoo to use when i actually get it done! The name of the product drew me into buying it. Its a pretty unique name, and definitely has convincing powers. I rate this shampoo very highly, i love the fact that it makes my hair feel so soft and look super shiny, however i feel my hair feels a bit flat after using this, primarily because it makes them so silky, but i’m loving the trade – off. You see one happy customer here!
  3. Herbal Essences Color me Happy safe shampoo: I used this shampoo when i first colored my hair and i remember loving it. Box dyes are notorious for fading away rather quickly but this locked in the color for so long. Plus it made my hair super shiny and soft. Plus it is ย extremely affordable!
  4. Pureology Pure Volume Shampoo: Slightly on the pricer side, the Pureology shampoo is one of my favorites. I’ve bought this each time i colored my hair and i have been one satisfied customer. It helps lock in the color so well. The price i feel is actually worth it as you can go for a longer time period without toning. Also it makes my hair soft and look healthy. I also feel it enhances the color as well as protecting it, it really brings out the blonde.
  5. AG Hair Cosmetics Color Savour Shampoo: i would rate this shampoo very highly. Its a little tough to get a hold of where i live, BUT it is an amazing shampoo. I remember my hair getting dry and i was in total panic mode, that is when i decided to buy this shampoo and i have been a major advocate ever since. It really makes my hair soft, healthy and super shinny. Absolutely LOVE it!

I hope this post was helpful, if it was please leave your rating down below:)

good shampoos for colored hair good shampoos for colored hair AG Hair Cosmetics Colour Savour Sulfate-Free Shampoo good shampoos for colored hair good shampoos for colored hair

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