Hello everyone! This past year i have spent tirelessly on lipsticks and hence my lipstick collection has seen a significant increase since, and if you’ve been reading my blog for a while you would have done the math by now; as all I’ve posted on my site for the past few month have been lipstick raves! SO today i decided to put an end to my thoughtless spending habits and maybe get a new habit (great) it involves shopping (duh) but this time i’m going to try and allocate my funds to blushes! FUN!

I did manage to accumulate a fair few new blushes over the past year which i will be sharing with you today, however i would like to invest in some new ones, i feel my blush collection needs some serious loving!

tarte blushes, milani blush, luscious blush

So without further jibber jabber here are my top 5 blushes that have been my cult favorites and i have used more than religiously:

  1. Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in Prim:tarte blushes, milani blush, luscious blush now i know you’re sick of seeing tarte blushes on every beauty blog known to exist, i don’t blame you i’m tired of raving about it, but its just so good, especially this color, i’d describe it as a warm neutral brown and it comes off a bit peachy brown on the cheeks, I LOVE this blush because its an all year rounder for me, its been a staple in my makeup bag and i have just really enjoyed using it!
  2. Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in classic: tarte blushes, milani blush, luscious blushthis blush is rightly called Classic, its your everyday average pink which i like to use whenever i see it, not going to lie but i don’t usually plan which blush i want to use, i just randomly pick one without looking and i like to surprise myself with my selection, and i think this blush had a gravity that pulled my hand towards it every other day, and i have loved using it each time my hand pulled it out. Its a gorgeous candy pink color which looks good on every skin tone, i feel tarte blushes are very easy to blend and i like the fact that they stay on for a good while! thats what you need, right?!
  3. Jordana Blush in Touch of pink: tarte blushes, milani blush, luscious blushi have recently rediscovered my lost love for Jordan and so I’ve been trying to use everything “Jordana” that  i own, this blush was THE blush i used all day everyday in 2014, i feel this shade of pink suits my skin tone a lot. Its a very muted pink and its great for everyday!
  4. Milani Blush in Bellissimo Bronze: tarte blushes, milani blush, luscious blushAnother old favorite which i have stated using a lot has been this particular one, its meant to be a bronzer but I’m not too keen on shimmer bronzers so instead i use it as a blush and its amazing, whenever i feel that i want to go for a nice Kylie Jenner contoured look this is the bronzer ill use. I love it
  5. Luscious Blush in spring Blossom: tarte blushes, milani blush, luscious blushi got this blush when i had only started to collect makeup, so its quite old and no i don’t care if it has expired, who throws away makeup?? i have too many attached feelings with the makeup i own, my collection is my baby…okay maybe I’m a little creepy! Coming back to the blush, it is a peachy pink great for summer and spring, i find this to be really pigmented and by that i mean with one swish you get a big baam of color so i suggest you DAB DAB your blush before you swoosh it 🙂 Overall a really good affordable blush!

Here are all the blushes-

tarte blushes, milani blush, luscious blush

tarte blushes, milani blush, luscious blush

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