Stila Aqua Glow Serum Foundation Review

Hello everyone!, i feel like each time the season changes i start looking for a new foundation. I had been quite content with the three concealers i was using for sometime, but i decided to dry something different in the foundation department. I was looking for something with a light to medium coverage and something which feels light on the skin.

I came across the Stila Aqua Glow Foundation Serum and i was quite intrigued, because I’d never really heard of a foundation serum before and so i decided to try it out!

The foundation comes in a nice tie-dyed kind of a gradient finish bottle with a nice golden lid. Stila, i feel has definitely up-ed their packaging game recently which I’m quite liking.

The foundation comes with a dropper like applicator which is pretty common in serums, and i literally love this concept because i feel you can be quite precise with the amount and the foundation will last you so long!

I picked up the shade in light, i was torn between the shades light and fair light because they seemed pretty close to what i would use, but in the end i decided to go for the light one, it is slightly dark but after a bit of contouring you can’t tell, it has yellow undertones and i feel the fair light one would have been slightly better because it doesn’t seem as yellow compared to light. But I’m quite content with the shade, summer in neigh and I’m going to get a tan anyway so the color i feel would be perfect.

The foundation claims:

“An ultra-lightweight, ionized, water-based foundation with buildable and natural-looking coverage.”

And is said to be free from Parabens,  Sulfates  and Phthalates

Now i have pretty oily skin, and i get pretty oily in my T-zone, plus i wear foundation to work so i had high hopes for this one as it claims to be very light weight. Now the first time i applied it i found it to grease on me super quick, i mean it felt super light and breathable on my skin but it just got so tacky and i felt each time i touched my skin the foundation rubbed off, and i just couldn’t wait to take it off.

I was quite disappointed to be honest because i was SO excited to use this, BUT (yes there is a slight turn in events) i used a mattifying primer the next time i used this and it felt as if i was using a different product altogether. Also i used a big fat Kabuki brush to apply the foundation rather than using my usual real techniques expert face brush. And the results was really good, i absolutely loved how this foundation looked on me, however i believe that it is not a long wearing foundation, and would be best to wear it to a party where you’re not going to stay for more than 5 hours maximum.

For me, it creases after 5 hours and i have to re-touch it, but i feel if you have normal to dry skin this foundation would be magic! Also i feel using a bigger brush helps you work with the consistency better and helps your skin absorb the product better as well.  I do like the coverage and the dewy finish, it makes my skin feel and look pretty healthy, which I’m seriously digging at the moment.

I have sensitive skin and this did not break me out or clog my pores, i do love the fact that it feels so light on the skin, but having said that if you are on the oilier side, make sure to keep blotting sheets or a powder to touch up because it will get greasy after a while.

The foundation retail for $45 and i found give it an over all 3.5 star rating, i feel it would be a match made in heaven for people with dry skin, and also if you are into the whole dewy skin finish!

Stila aqua glow foundation serum review

Stila aqua glow foundation serum

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Stila Aqua Glow Serum Foundation Review
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