Hello everybody! so I’ve been meaning to do this post for quite some time now, i’ve waited around 2 months testing the product out because i wanted to give my 100% honest opinion.!

Back in December i bought the Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective dark spot solution, i have the type of skin that if i get a spot the mark of the spot even after it dies will linger on forever and that just makes me go insane, so i took to google in hopes of addressing this issue once and for all.

Ive tried many products before targeted specifically for hyper pigmentation but none of them worked for me so i was a bit skeptic in investing my money. However i came across this dark spot corrective solution whilst watching Ingrid Nilsen on YouTbe and all praise goes to her for introducing me to the product because i LOVE it!

Ive never relied on a product so much before, this thing actually works, however i have read reviews online where people claim that this product did nothing for them, so I’m guessing the results vary from person to person. It is on the pricier side so i wouldn’t recommend you buying one, i would say if you can get a hold of a tester then that would be great.

Now this is water-based serum and is said to lighten dark spots with vitamin C, however it contains alcohol  which is a drying ingredient on the skin, and i have noticed my skin get dry around the nose and mouth area which in turn has made the area sensitive, so I’ve started to avoid using this product all over my face which i used to do 2 weeks back, i now apply it only on the cheeks where i have hyper pigmentation.how to get rid of acne spots

I use it every night before going to bed and i love the results, for me the product started showing results within a week. My skin feels fresh, hydrated and healthy in the mornings. Now the reason why i mega LOVE this product is because, I’ve used a number of products in the past that “claim” to fade dark spots, but as soon as you stop using them the spots are back, with this product i dint get the faded spots back, i still have redness around my nose but that is because my skin is very sensitive.

This product however has helped in fading away the rest of the spots on my face, also after a long day when i wash my makeup off i notice that the redness of the spots doesn’t come back, which many other similar products failed to do for me.

how to get rid of dark spots how to get rid of acne spots

The solution comes in a clear glass bottle with a dropper for application like many other high end skin care products, i like the packaging overall, it is very minimalist which i like and looks very pretty on my vanity.

I was hoping that this would also help in clearing up my acne scars but i haven’t noticed any improvement in that department yet, however i will say that over the course of the two months I’ve used this product i have noticed that it has improved the appearance of my skin tremendously, so a double thumbs up!

clearly corrective dark spot solution

I mentioned this product in my pamper evening routine, so if you are keen on seeing the results then watch the video below 🙂

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