Hello everyone! its been a while since i did a lipstick review.. i lied, all I’ve done is  lipstick reviews! :’) Its hard to keep away when there’s so much out there, you gotta catch ’em all!

So I still haven’t come out of my brown lipstick obsession phase, i blame Kylie Jenner for this and the makeup artists on Instagram who keep making me want to buy more brown lipsticks when clearly i don’t need anymore! oh well.

Birkin Brown Charlotte Tilbury

So Birkin Brown By Charlotte Tilbury is a gorgeous brick brown. I’m a huge Charlotte Tilbury makeup fan, i love everything she’s released so far (except for skincare, which is overrated and pricey i feel) but lipsticks, bronzers and eye shadows are super amazing and are definitely worth the hype. I feel that she has the most comfortable matte lipsticks in the market.

Birkin Brown Charlotte TilburyBirkin Brown Charlotte Tilbury DSC_1259

I love wearing her matte lipsticks they are super hydrating and have a waxy finish that you get with creme sheen mac lipsticks, however the color looks matte on the lips, which just makes it a perfect in between texture.

I love how these lipsticks have rose gold packaging, they look expensive and very retro! The matte lipsticks have a slanted square top which i feel is great for applying matte lipsticks, which is a particularly hard finish to work with, however because of the shape its super easy to actually go in the lips and be precise with the application.

Birkin Brown Charlotte Tilbury

The lipstick is not at all drying and super comfortable , and the color is super long lasting on the lips as well. I wouldn’t describe the color as a true brown, it definitely has some red undertones which becomes visible as the color wears off and it ends up looking like a brick red, which i’m very pleased with because it is super flattering on. However the color is dark so if you’
Birkin Brown Charlotte Tilburyre not into deep browns then you might not like how this will look on you because its so full on, however if you enjoy dark shades then this will definitely be up your alley.

Birkin Brown Charlotte Tilbury Birkin Brown Charlotte Tilbury

I don’t really have any points to add as criticism to be honest, because overall I’m pretty happy with how the lipstick looks and feels and I’m not really that much of a picky person, so the product totally flows in my favor, however IF i had to say anything at all, i would add that it is an expensive product and $30 plus for a lipstick is pretty insane, but then again luxury has always been expensive!

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  • Ana

    Luxury is indeed expensive. I think it’s drug store dupe can be wet n wild dark wine. Although the shade is not matte. Nice review. Shirt and sweet 😉

    • Dark wine is more reddish tbh, and this is one is pretty brown!

    • Thanks Ana, i feel dark wine is bit reddish compared to this, Birkin Brown is more brown!