Best full coverage concealers for Acne prone skin

Hello everyone! today i thought to do a post on which concealers to use if you have acne problems or a spoty situation going on. I’ve had many people message or email me asking me what concealers are best for acne prone sensitive skin. There is a lot of information out on the internet but it seems as if its not enough, because back when i was struggling with acne i kept googling which products to use and which ones not to use. Since then i have accumulated MANY concealers, and i’ll be honest i have spent a lot of money on products which just did NOT work for me, i even tried products recommended on big sites which mind you, did cost a lot, but i gave them a go anyway. However i have to say most of the information on these review sites suck and hardly any product has ever worked for me.

I’m writing this post after a great struggle and trail and error, with the hopes that it might help someone who is also going through the struggle of dealing with acne, which is natures’ worst gift!

I’m going to be talking about my TOP 5 concealers which i swear by, first off i want to give you a little insight on my skin type so you can make your mind up as to what products work for me and why; i have oily skin which is very sensitive, a little touch to my face makes it red, so yeah its pretty sensitive.

2 years ago, i just had the worst break out session I’ve ever had, all hell broke loose and it was hard coping with it, i was at uni at the time so i just couldn’t go makeup free, i mean i could but i was conscious at that time, which in all honesty was a whole level of BS, nobody really notices your acne as much as you yourself do, but keeping the inspirational and motivational speech aside, i went out and bought myself Revlon color stay foundation which i feel works best for covering up EVERYTHING.

However foundation alone does not cover everything, so here are the concealers without any order;

  • Rimmel Match perfection: the only positive thing i took away from acne was that i found this concealer, i use it religiously today. It is a light to medium coverage concealer and mind you it covers a lot. However i would suggest to get two of these one in a lighter shade and one which is your skin color or maybe a shade darker and mix both and apply so it will give you a very natural looking finish without looking cakey. I feel that one color caked on looks very fake and powdery but if you mix a shade different (darker) than your skin tone it just balances everything out. Another benefit is that this concealer is easy on the pocket so if it doesn’t work, at least you dint spend a fortune on it. This concealer dint break me out either and feels very light on the skin. If i were to criticize anything about it i would say that the color options are limited and you might not always find a match for your skin tone. Other than that i give this as A+++
  • Rimmel wake me up concealer: another rimmel product, i feel Rimmel does some great concealers! I love this product so much, i’m almost out of it and each time i think about it my anxiety kicks in (which is kind of sad). Again this has a medium to full coverage, depends on how much you build it. Its similar to the one discussed prior to it. However i will say i prefer the match perfection to this one because i feel it covers slightly more than this one. I feel that wake me up would be amazing for people with drier skin, or not as oily skin as its creamer in texture which would go well on people who have dry patches. Or people who are in the phase where their skin is drying out and acne is healing as this product doesn’t settle in the dry areas which is great!
  • Nars Creamy concealer: a bit on the pricer end, the Nars creamy concealer is raved about for a reason. This concealer is amazing for covering spots as well as scars, its so creamy and thick it sticks to the skin so quickly, i like to apply this with a beauty blender because i feel it blends the product better. Also another plus is that you are bound to find your shade as there is a wide variety of different colors. I like to mix this concealer with match perfection because together they are magical and cover so much, you will be amazed!
  • Maybelline age rewind concealer: Ive tried many Maybelline concealers and none has worked for me except for this one. This is a quickie for me, it covers so much and because of the sponge thing in the front it makes blending extremely easy. I feel this is the most natural finish concealer out of the bunch, but it covers a lot, you can keep applying it and it won’t look cakey. Its also very good for the under eye area as it brighten up the whole face. Really like this concealer
  • Maybelline fit me cover stick: most of you at this point would be like what?! Prepare to be surprised. I used this concealer as a highlighter to be honest but recently i have discovered this works particularly well for covering scars. Now i put this on areas where i have a few acne scars and then apply foundation and it fills the scar right up, its not very good at covering spots, but is amazing for covering up acne scars!

I hope this out helped you in your search for the perfect concealer in covering up spots, acne is a real pain but trust me you’re not alone, almost everybody goes through having to bear with acne! Stay strong! xx

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Best full coverage concealers for Acne prone skin
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