Hello everyone! If you are a makeup fanatic then I bet you’ve found yourself wonder “where do I get my hands on international makeup?”

I was in your place sometime a go, and I’m sure many of us girls out there probably have been as well, so hopefully that was reassuring!


So today I decided to put my two cents in it and hopefully educate makeup junkies out there about the places they need to look out for if they need to splurge, because we all have those days where we just feel like buying it all!

To start off, there are a number of brands that have their makeup counters so you can buy them from the counters all over the country. Brands easily to get a hold of are:

  • Maybelline
  • Revlon
  • Rimmel
  • Max factor
  • Catrice

There are a few popular brands that you can get at your drugstore, I will say that not all drugstores carry these brands, it largely depends on the area that you live in.

I personally prefer buying makeup online, especially when I run out of something, I know I love the product and I can’t be bothered to go out to the store and get it, so I’ll take it online and order stuff for myself. The online business is booming, especially in countries outside of Pakistan. I feel that Pakistanis are usually tougher customers to please and so the websites currently working in Pakistan have definitely established a good hold on what the people like and are comfortable with, like cash on delivery! Where else will you be offered such convenience?


Here are a number of sites which I love and absolutely trust:


Now I’m sure many of you have heard of this site, it’s pretty old and every makeup junkies number one go-to. The site has come a long way since and now stocks a large variety of high end brands like Tarte, Clinique, YSL, Tom Ford, Gorgio Armani etc. It has something for everyone ranging from the lowest end of the price spectrum to the very expensive makeup one can buy. They also stock up on skincare tools, hair tools and teeth whitening products. They also provide good customer service, they offer cash on delivery all over Pakistan so if you’re someone who doesn’t get international makeup in your drugstore, You’re welcome! I usually receive my order within a week from ordering which I feel is pretty decent. I’ve never had any issues with my order and its always come to me in one piece. Also if you’re weary of the quality I reassure you they sell all 100% original makeup products!



A newer website compared to the prior but a very good one indeed. I call it the Aliexpress of Pakistan. Its best known for selling electronics but they have dipped their toes in cosmetics as well, obviously as it’s a promising venture, any who, Daraz has a mix of drugstore and high-end brands, I will say that they don’t have as much variety compared to Just4girls in makeup but if something is sold out on J4G I’ll keep Daraz as a backup. They carry brands like Maybelline, Rimmel, Mac, Makeup Revolution etc. I also like their customer service, they ship out usually within a day of placing the order and you get it in a week with cash on delivery.


Now beauty arena is a site I used to visit a lot because they were very competitive with just4girls, I personally would prefer Just4girls over beauty arena over variety however quality of service wise I find them both to be almost at par. They stock largely drugstore products so they have Milani, Maybelline, Revlon, Rimmel etc. They do also stock skin care and hair care but again I find the selection a tad bit limiting. However I have to say I usually find a lot of stuff in stock and if I can’t find the thing I’m looking for on other sites, this is where I’ll go!


All Cosmetics Wholesale:

Okay now this is NOT a Pakistani site so keep in mind that there is no cash on delivery option, if you want to buy something you have to pay for it upfront through a debit or a credit card. I’m mentioning this because this site has EVERYTHING! It has a large collection of high end makeup, however I will say that they keep most of the high end stuff which was limited edition or has stopped selling so they have pretty discounted prices. This is one of those sites “I dint find what I was looking for instead I’m spending a fortune on the stuff I dint need” Keep in mind the stuff ships from the US so you’re going to be paying for shipping based on weight and volume so that might add to your cost plus you never know if the custom authorities demand you to pay the duty on your package, so you’ll definitely have some “considering” to do before you order from the site.

Beauty Joint:

Beauty joint is another international site that ships to Pakistan, but with great power comes great responsibility and by that I mean shipping costs! The site carries largely drugstore brands with a few high end ones like TheBalm and Lime Crime. I’ve snooped around this site for a good minute and I feel the stock is very slow moving and what I saw 5 months ago is still there I mean that’s great sure but I want to see new products as well, I’ve bought all the old ones, next please! But that’s just me, check the site out and see for yourself if they have what you are looking for !


Im not a huge fan of shopping through Facebook pages, and they are my LAST option, primarily because I feel cheated when buying from them, they just keep way too much profit for themselves. I get it there is a lot of hassle in the business but that doesn’t mean rip someone off. With that being said sometimes you can get a good deal from a number of pages, so for that you’re always going to have to keep your eyes peeled!


These were my top go to sites whilst shopping online, if I had to pick one out of all I would pick Just4Girls because of the wide availability of brands and reasonable prices, I wish they would continue to bring more high end brands at prices which the people who earn in PKR actually afford!

Hope this post was helpful, Thanks for reading!


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  • Hi! Good to read the post. Thx for he new information about All cosmetics wholesale.I was not aware of “All Cosmetics Wholesale”! Do they sell Authentic Makeup?
    Also, can you give some idea about custom charges? I suspect the authenticity of M.A.C makeup available through Daraz.pk. Have you ever bought some M.A.C makeup from Daraz.pk?

    • Hey, thank you! YES all cosmetics wholesale has all authentic stuff, and custom depends on the total amount of the package in USD. Daraz Pk is great, No I’ve never bough MAC from there but it should be fine 🙂