Hello everyone, so i know its January and I’ve been pretty crap at uploading to the “Top 5 of everything” series, but late is better than never! Today i’ll be listing my favorite winter shades that i love to wear even now, because its still winter, duh!

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For the winter season i generally like using darker shades, but this time round i was hooked to lipsticks with brown and brick red hues, i never liked brown lipsticks until November and since then I’ve literally tried to collect every brown shade possible! Of course i do love my vampy reds, but for me it has been all about brown lips! here is my list;

mac, etude, gerard cosmetics, Jordana balm stain, Revlon lipstick

mac, etude, gerard cosmetics, Jordana balm stain, Revlon lipstick

  1. Gerard Cosmetics Cherry Cordial: I ordered 4 lipsticks from GC and to be honest i wasn’t all that impressed, i mean i love all the shades i got but they just weren’t comfortable enough on the lips for me, i don’t usually like matte lips but these were very difficult to put on, however the one that stood out the most for me was Cherry Cordial, the shade is beautiful, the application is pretty reasonable and the longevity is pretty kick-ass and so thats why its in my top 5.
  2. Etude house lipstick in brick red: now I’m not a 100% sure if thats what this is called but because of the color its my best bet, now this lipstick is super matte and totally contradicts with my choice of finish but i absolutely LOVE it! The color i feel gives me super powers, and for a moment in my head i turn into wonder women, trust me this lippie has powers. The color is a bit dark and so naturally not everyone will appreciate it, but if you’re someone who feeds on dark shades all year round i suggest you pick this one up as soon as you see it!
  3. Revlon Cherries in the snow: I remember when i first started collecting makeup Revlon was my lust brand, my everything brand, ah good old days. Since then I’ve collected many high end lipsticks and so i kind of forgot about Revlon, but this year i decided to rediscover my Revlon collection, and i’m pleased to report that i have a new favorite; cherries in the snow! its a gorgeous pink which i feel is wearable on a lot of skin tones, its that color that makes your teeth look whiter and looks wonderful in pictures. And the thing i love about Revlon lipsticks in general is that they are super comfortable on the lips!
  4. Mac Velvet teddy: this lipstick i picked up when i started to transition from a crazy red lipstick lady to  an absolute mental brown lipstick hoarder (not going to lie; still in that phase!). This shade has been my everyday go-to, its a my lips but a zillion times better which is great for everyday, it adds a bit of warmth to my face and looks amazing with a bit of a tan or a contoured face, whatever you may prefer, i personally prefer the later. Its very comfortable on the lips, however it doesn’t stay on for as long as i would have liked but i still love it!
  5. Jordana twist and shine balm stain in terra crave: the best for last, literally this has been all I’ve been wearing everyday, if i put on velvet teddy this will be a backup for later in my handbag. Its a great throw on and look great kind of shade. Im soon going to run out and I’m already freaking out, need to get a new one of this. It is one of those colors which you NEED in your makeup collection, trust me on this!

mac, etude, gerard cosmetics, Jordana balm stain, Revlon lipstick mac, etude, gerard cosmetics, Jordana balm stain, Revlon lipstick mac, etude, gerard cosmetics, Jordana balm stain, Revlon lipstick

gerard cherry cordial jordana revlon mac velvet
Top 5 winter lipsticks of 2015!
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