Hello everyone! I’m back with the second post of my TOP 5 of 2015 series, feeling pretty chuffed with myself, dint think i’d be able to be consistent with the posts, but here i am!

Ive loved a fair few lipsticks this past fall, but like everyone i used dark vampy colors more often than others, i feel fall is a pretty dark dull weather so i would normally go for a nice matte face and dark vampy lips, i’m also into the whole contouring thing these days, Kylie Jenner is to blame for this…and i feel a dark lip just completes a nice contoured face.

So without wasting anymore time, here are my top 5 fall lippies:

top 5 fall lipsticks 2015

top 5 fall lipsticks 2015

top 5 fall lipsticks 2015

  1. Venom by Color Studio: Now i’m not sure to what extent this brand is available globally, but if you get it where you live then i highly recommend this shade, its a really nice purple, but a color which you can definitely pull off in the day time, i do enjoy having a purple lip but some are too dark and are not ‘every event appropriate’ but i feel this is a ‘dip your toes in the purple’ color, don’t know if that makes sense but that’s how i’d describe it, i love the feel of this, it stays on for a good minute and then starts disappearing from the middle. Overall i highly adore this lipstick and the color is my fave!
  2. Captive By Mac : is one of those colors which i feel is not raved about enough, it is a gorgeous plum color and is very fitting for the season, plus i think would make up for  great color one could wear to a halloween party. It feels insanely comfortable on the lips, and would look great with a nice gold eye, thats how i like to wear it, i would also wear this color in the day time, i feel its not one of those which looks really dark in person but looks just right!
  3. Revlon matte balm in shameless: Revlon matte balms by far have been my most favorite lip items from the drugstore, they are AMAZING! they have a great color selection and feel wonderful on the lips, plus dark colors like this one stay on for a great time. This color i feel is not everyone’s cup of tea, you might love it or hate it, my mom personally hates it when i put this on she says i look like a bat whilst my dad likes the color so yeah, not everyones shade. But i say if you love it, go for it!
  4. Corail Incandescent by YSL: i’ll be honest i always have to google the name of this one, i can never ever remember the spelling for this probably because i pronounce it wrong! I feel they could have easily kept an easier name but no they had to be all proper. Anyway i love the color of this, it a nice warm orange coral and looks amazing on, this is from the rouge volupte shine collection and so has a glossy finish and a nice sheen to it, its very comfortable on he lips and the color is an all year rounder for me, love it.
  5. Deadly catch by Nars: Im not a huge Nars lipstick fan but this one is absolutely amazing. It is a deep red and i feel is one of those which would look great with a winged liner. I like the finish of this, its not matte but its very close too matte, it does look matte on, but feels creamy on the lips which i really like, i used this a lot during fall and was my go to red, so if you are looking for  a nice red you have another lippie to consider 🙂

These were my top 5 fall lips, swatches are below, if you want to see how the colors look on, click on the name of each lippie and you’ll see them 🙂

top 5 fall lipsticks 2015


color studio venom captive by mac revlon shameless YSL corail nars deadly catch

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