Too Faced Lip Creams Review and Swatches
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“Is it too late now to say sorry?
Cause I’m missing more than just your body
Is it too late now to say sorry?
Yeah I know that I let you down
Is it too late to say that I’m sorry now?”

Ah! I just can’t stop listen to this song! I’m definitely a Belieber now, i used to like Justin Bieber back when he first started then he got kinda weird and his music was just not great, but now i’m all over his new songs, not proud to admit I’ve had sorry on repeat for a day now, guilty!

Okay getting to the point, i’ve been loving The Too Faced Lip creams, these came out a while ago, probably last year, i got them this last summer but i properly started loving them this fall!

I got the lip creams in two colors; In the Buff which is a warm nude and Loganberry which is a deep berry color.

These are also available as a gift set, and would make a very nice christmas gift for anyone who enjoys lipsticks!

The packaging is gorgeous, they come in a cute gold packaging are a bit heavy, normally lipsticks are pretty light weight but these seem heavier which i kind of like, it makes me feel as if i have something expensive in my hands.

Too faced lip cream in loganberry

The product itself is really creamy on the lips, it very moisturizing and makes the lips feel plump and refreshed, the best thing is that they are not sticky on the lips, and are quite long-lasting. I won’t say they are the most long-lasting products out there, but they do stay on for a while.

In the Buff is my favorite, it is a perfect everyday color, if i were to describe the color, i would say it is a nice balance between brown and peach, which looks really petty on the lips and is great for everyday.

Too faced lip cream in the buff

Loganberry is  a fall/winter color, it’s a nice berry color which photographs different in different lighting which i like, also i leaves behind a nice sheen of color on the lips once it fades.

Too faced lip cream in loganberry

Here is what they look like:

Too faced lip cream in loganberry

Loganberry applied

Too faced lip cream in the buff

Over all the lip creams are winners, and a great gift for anyone, or a cheeky little treat to yourself, whatever it is that you’re looking for check these out 🙂

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