Hello everyone! so recently i decided to treat myself because i had been very good, i had met all the goals i set for myself and so a splurge was justified!

I have wanted to try out Tom Ford Lipsticks for a while now, and the color selection was so good, plus all the reviews were majorly positive so i decided to buy one!

I ordered Cherry Lush which is a vibrant red color! Lets talk about the packaging first, it chic, classic and beautiful, and definitely looks expensive, i like putting it on because it looks so pretty in the hands, (where is that crying laughing emoji when you need it?) But being honest thats not the only reason why i like it, i mean packaging is great and i buy a lot of stuff just because it looks pretty, and I’m sure many of you out there do the same!

cherry lush tom fordcherry lush tom ford cherry lush tom ford

Now if i had to rate this lipstick then i would give it a full 5 stars, because its incredibly comfortable on the lips, its a creamy kind of a texture and goes smoothly on, i love the fact it doesn’t settle in any dry patches, which i have a lot of! Also the color stays on for a while, i ate at a wedding and then i decided to retouch my lipstick for pictures, but i dint need to because this bad boy was ON!

cherry lush tom ford cherry lush tom ford

Also i can’t get over the color! it is absolutely gorgeous. it almost makes my lips look bigger, no jokes! I feel these kind of reds look good on a large skin tone pool hence a great starting off color from Tom Ford, plus its so vibrant that it catches attention, like i walked past the mirror and i was like “oh! hey there”

So if you’re looking to splurge and get yourself a Tom Ford lippie, i would highly recommend you this color!


Here is what it looks like on:

cherry lush tom fordcherry lush tom ford cherry lush tom ford

Check it out in stores:


tom ford


tom ford

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