Hello everybody, i recently colored my hair, as we all are well aware by now, and its not the best thing oe can do to their hair, i mean it looks great and you feel fancy all the time BUT you do strip the natural color of your hair and put on another color chemically so yo’ have to give that extra love to it!

I feel the color is only as good as how it is maintained. There is no point in spending lots if you’re not going to spend to take care of it, like we study in business, short term is cheaper but long term is what makes the millions! So sticking to that i have taken the hair care maintenance very seriously, although i would say that finding a little cheaper products would be great!

So today i’ll be sharing with you some of the hair care products I’ve been using since coloring my hair;

I feel hair masks are equal to oiling the hair once its colored, someone told me that oiling hair is bad and it fades the color faster so i’ve been a bit paranoid and haven’t been using a lot of oil in my lengths, I’ve limited that to only the roots and i like to mix Castor and almond oil together, in the lengths of my hair i use a hair mask twice a week;

So I’ve been loving the OGX argon renewing treatment, i put it in my hair and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes and it makes my hair feel really soft and makes the color look rich and vibrant,

OGX argon renewing treatment

Ive also throughly enjoyed using the R&B mask by LUSH, it says that it is for dry and curly hair, my hair type is the exact opposite, i have perry oily roots, especially during the colder months, and my hair is pretty straight, yet the mask works for me and i love to use it, i usually switch between the OGX and LUSH mask, i go for whatever i feel like.

Lush R&B hair mask review

The most important part of my hair care routine is Olaplex, now if you don’t know what that is then you’re in luck because I’m about to tell you; so air colorists these days ever to Olaplex as hair insurance and there are 3 steps to this, the first is added to the hair dye which will be put in the hair, the 2nd will be after washing the dye and the 3rd is a take home product which you obviously have to buy, and use it ever weekend as a detox, i sleep with it in my hair and wash it the next day, and i truly LOVE the results!

olaplaex hair mask

For shampoo i’ve been using the L’Oreal Vitamino Shampoo and hair mask as conditioner, to see how those work out you’re gonna have to watch the video below: haha sorry for being a tease, but oh well πŸ™‚

OGX argon renewing treatment OGX argon renewing treatment

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