So i’m sure you’ve heard of Kylie Jenner, i mean we do live in the world of plastic beauty and count our materialistic blessings before going to bed.

Anyway moving on to a lighter topic. So Kylie Jenner came out with her very own lip kit and it sold out within the 24 hours it was available for sale. This isn’t the first time that she has managed to take the internet by storm, remember the Kylie Jenner lip challenge it literally broke the internet, it was bigger than Kim K’s oversized greasy butt!

kylie jenner lip kit online

So a while back Kylie Jenner got her lips done to look as if they are plump and perfect, and on top of that she denied getting any work done ( really??!) so since then all the women have been obsessed with getting their lips to look like hers, which did result in a few injuries and hospitalizations but whose complaining right?

kylie jenner before and after

So the Kylie Jenner Lip kit was available for the brief time it was had 3 shades of brown colored matte lipstick and matching lip liners, and they were sold on Lip kit by kylie.

Now they did sell out in 24 hours, and so i have a theory. I personally think they had very limited stock and they just wanted to create a hype, i mean if a product sells out in just a few hours people are going to talk about it, right! Thats how you make things go viral people, do something crazy and get people talking. This is a very clever thing she did, i mean first off she’s selling the product through her site and she marketing it herself without having to pay for marketing, she’s using her Instagram to sell her products which is genius.

ky;ie jenner insta


kylie jenner brown lipsA lot of people are talking about the fact that the product selling out so quickly is a publicly stunt, even if its not that great people will still end up buying it, giving into the hype.

Sellers at eBay have definitely used this to their advantage by selling the lip kits for a whole lot than their original $29 retail price.

It is believed that the Kylie Lip kit will be restocking soon, but a definite timeline has still not been given.

After doing some research i saw that the lipsticks are just normal lip products with no extra super powers. A lot of people found the smell to be a turn off and describe it as ‘over powering’ some even said ‘it smells like the meanest girl in middle school’

lip shade swatches kylie jenner

kylie jenner in balmain

Color wise, there are only three choices, and i really like them, i’ve been into the whole brown color lipstick vibe and i do enjoy wearing colors like that. The lipstick is matte and many reported that it was too drying on the lips, ow if you’re someone who doesn’t like wearing matte lips then these liquid lipsticks could be a bit of a challenge for you as they are very drying on the lips, but not as drying they could be compared to other matte liquid lipsticks out there, like Colorpop or Dose of colors. The lip liners are pretty good as reviews by many but also are drying on the lips. Color wise many women enjoyed it, my favorite one has to be Dolce K and if i could then i would definitely buy one (dammit, social media marketing these days)

dolce k kylie jenner

So did you manage to get your hands on the lip kits? and if yes which ones did you get?

And do you think this; selling out within the 24 hours was a publicity stunt to get more people talk or not?

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