Hello everyone! so this has to be the most exciting post ever! at least for me it is, i’ve been so impatient to post this, i just wasn’t getting time, BUT finally I’m doing it, yay! First world accomplishments!

So i finally made up my mind to do something different with my hair, they were getting boring for me and i wanted a change so i decided to go blonde, BUT not blonde, blonde but a blonde that would look good on me and compliment my features and skin tone.And so I decided to get a balayage done.

I decided to go to Hina Y, i’ve been following her Facebook and Instagram for a while and i fell in love with her work and decided to get the appointment.

Okay so a little back story: I have dyed my hair twice previously, and both times i did the color at home, my mom helped me of course. The color i chose the first time was a golden brown color, back then i dint want any blonde and i just wanted a color to slightly lighten the hair, i used the Revlon Color Silk (read the post here; i have pictures of before and after as well!), okay then fast forward to last year i decided to bite the bullet again and go for a slightly lighter shade, i ended up picking out a solar golden brown color from the L’Oreal Paris color range (review here). The color had pretty much faded, to be very honest none of the box dyes lightened my hair all that much, just a tad bit which as visible in some lighting.

So this time round i decided that i definitely wanted blonde, but because i have dark hair i din’t want to take the risk of doing it at home. So i decided to get them done professionally, and i love them.

Here is me right before the color:

Before and after balayage

It took around 5 hours to achieve the look. First we lightened by base color to get rid of the red in my hair, and then we went ahead with the balayage. Also i’d like to mention that i opted for the Olaplaex treatment which i was recommended, which is basically hair insurance – your hair won’t get excessively damaged after the color.

Here is the final result:

Balayage from brown to blonde

balayage on dark hair

Black to blonde balayage Black to blonde balayage Black to blonde balayage Black to blonde balayage

I absolutely LOVE the result, i just can’t get over it, i was SO scared that i might damage my hair to a no point of return but luckily nothing of that sort happened, I’m very happy with the texture, I’m super grateful to Hina for Taking such good care of my hair. She’s super sweet and tells you exactly whats going to happen and what to expect! If you’re looking to change up your hair game, then definitely do look her up!

Thanks for reading <3

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