Hello everyone! I’ve been watching ‘whats in my purse’ videos on youtube for the past two days, not gonna lie but i think I’ve probably watched all of the videos ever uploaded on youtube, and so one thing led to another i decided to do one as well!

nicole miller purse

nicolle miller wallet

So my purse is just a standard everyday purse, i do like it a lot, its a perfect size, i don’t like carrying large bags on a daily basis so the size is just right. The purse is a Nicolle Miller one and i got it from JCP. It was originally for $60 and had a 10% discount, but my aunt had coupons (as you do) so i ended up paying just $18 for it!! crazy or what?!

So here are the contents of my purse:

nicole miller purse

  • cannon vlog cameracannon vlog cameraiphone 5s goldMy Nicolle Miller Walet which is great, very practical, it has two zippers, one for cards one for cash and receipts
  • Soap and glory hand food, this cream is so good. Smells like sprite or 7Up they both smell the same to me!
  • Candy by Prada sample perfume – LOVE the smell of this perfume. Its so girly and so much fun
  • Maybelline Baby lips in Pink shock and OH! orange. I hardly use them to be honest. I do like them but i just never really use makeup on the go.
  • A red pen (which i shall replace with a blue or black one, soon)
  • My Cannon Vlogging camera, which i ALWAYS forget to use! Sigh πŸ™
  • My beloved iPod touch Nano, got this as a gift back in 2011, ah the good old simple days.
  • And last but not the least, the most important item, which is not shown in any of the pictures because they were in my mouth – Β my retainers (gross, i know!)

Here is the link to the video!


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