Hello everyone! so I’ve always hated lip liners, never bought them and thought that buying them was like spending a lot of money to buy a pencil. But a friend of mine recently introduced me to the Rivaj UK lip liners and since then, i have been completely hooked.

Now i’m not sure if i should be happy that i found something to make my life easier in applying dark lipstick on my poor tiny lips, or be sad that now my bank balance will have to go through another massive hit after I’ve hoarded about a zillion lip liners i probably will never use!!

Either way lip liners for the win!

So i have two shades from this brand and both are very similar. I remember my brother seeing these and saying; you bought the two of the same color, of course how would he know that red and brick red are two completely different colors, ah poor men, so vain!

I love these lip liners, i know i say that i love everything, but these lip liners are so creamy, they come off matte and don’t move around the lip area which means you won’t be having any lip liner mustache situation going on, which is always great.

Also they last super long on the lips, you eat drink or kiss the crap out of someone, the color will stay, which also makes it harder to wash off but hey, i’m not complaining!

Now their availability is an issue because they are extremely hard to get a hold off, the best way to actually buy them is to go to Chase up because i know they stock Rivaj UK products, or randomly checkin at stores to see if they have them, you never know!

Rivaj UK lip liners Rivaj UK lip liner Rivaj UK lip liner

I hope this posy helped you in any way, these lip liners are an absolute delight to use, if i do say so myself 🙂

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