Hello everyone! foundation is such a must but it is one of those things which can be a total hit or a miss. I find foundation shopping to be the least enjoyable whilst shopping for makeup, because you never know whats going to work for you, and oh getting the right shade is hell. Online shopping for foundation is anxiety level 300. However Findation.com does help to an extent in picking out a somewhat closer foundation shade based on what you’re already using.

So decided to do a post talking about some of the best drugstore foundations out there, i feel like whenever i experiment i do it with drugstore ones, because they’re cheaper and if i don’t like it i don’t feel gutted for spending so much money!


Here are top 3 drugstore foundations which have worked out for me really well. I have oily to somewhat combination skin, depends on the weather really, but for the most part my skin is oily, and these foundations i’m going to be talking about are perfect for oily sensitive skin, having said that i don’t think they are just limited to that one particular skin type and i feel they would work well for combination and dry skin. So lets get into it;

best drugstore fondations

  1. Maybelline Super Stay Foundation:

One of my favorite drugstore brand has to be Maybelline! i love their concealers, lipsticks foundations and you can just never go wrong with it. Now i love this foundation primarily because of its natural finish, you can pack on a lot of product on to achieve a full coverage without it looking cakey.

  • Coverage: Light to medium (buildable)
  • Finish: Matte
  • Longevity: 8 to 9 hours, does require powdering after 3 hours if skin is super oily
  • My shade: classic ivory

maybelline 24 hour superstar foundation

This foundation is available in a lot of different colors so the color selection option is not limited.  Also it comes with SPF 19. I love the fact that this looks super natural on the skin, i haven’t experienced any breakouts after using this and it photographs beautifully. I have a full detailed review for this so if you want you can check it out, i have before and after pictures up as well, so enjoy!

2. Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation:

This foundation is known for being super good for people with oily skin. Ah! its such a struggle for girls like us who have oily skin, you have to be so careful with what you put on your face. However this foundation is PERFECTION! The coverage is heavenly and just blurs everything out so evenly. Again so many options to choose from and plus its super affordable

covergirl outlast stay fabulous foundation

  • Coverage: Light to medium (buildable)
  • Finish: Matte
  • Longevity:  7 hours, does require powdering after 3 hours if skin is super oily
  • My shade: buff beige

3. Revlon ColorStay Foundation:

Revlon colorstay foundation

No surprise there, this foundation is a winner. I use this when my usual concealer and foundation just don’t mesh well and i need a tad bit more coverage. This is a trustee if you’re having bad skin days and you just want to hide it all without having to use a zillion correctors and concealers. Another great quality is that it doesn’t break you out. I remember buying tis foundation when my skin was absolutely horrid, and i remember feeling like a total downer feeding and giving in on my low self esteem and then i decided to buy this foundation and basically this put my life back in perspective. So basically if you have a big event coming up and your skin is acting up, you know what to go for, don’t say i dint tell you so!

  • Coverage: medium to full (buildable)
  • Finish: Matte
  • Longevity:  10 hours, does require powdering after 3 hours if skin is super oily
  • My shade: sand beige 180

One thing i would like to add is that because this foundation is so full coverage it does take a while to get it all off, make sure you double cleanse when you use this or you’re gonna be gifted some good old white heads, and ain’t nobody got time for that. I suggest using a nice face milk or an oil to break down the product, i isle use Bio derma to double cleanse.

These were my top 3 foundations, i hope this information as helpful for you in anyway, and i would love to know what foundations you girls like using from the drugstore, leave em down in the comments below!

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