Hello everyone! So i was meant to put this review up sooner but i got so caught up with other stuff that i wasn’t able to, but on a positive note it gave me more time to test out the the product!

Today i finally talk about my obsession with the YSL’s Rouge Volute Shine range! Im a fan of nice glossy lips and this range offers just that! It has a wide range of colors to choose from, i picked up No. 12 which is called Corail Incandescent, it is a nice coral color and looks beautiful on the lips!

Okay lets start with the packaging which is absolutely beautiful to look at, also i love how this lipstick is shaped it just makes application so much easier.
corail incandescent corail incandescent corail incandescent

The formula is unlike any other, its so hydrating on the lips, it glides on like cream cheese on red velvet cupcakes, YES! Also it is surprisingly a lot longer lasting than your average glossy lip product, sometimes lipsticks when they fade away leave a wear line on the lips which is frosty… i don’t know how to describe it, even when you have nicely moisturized lips the lipsticks tend to make them look dry after they fade away,but with this you will never have this problem, its like tinted Vaseline except with super long lasting powers.

corail incandescent

I love the color, its a warm orange coral, and will suit most people. I love how the color looks on me, and i love how i can press my lips together and my lips will feel super soft, i love this lipstick primarily because of how comfortable it is, and this has made me go out and get two new shades from the range. Its an absolute winner!

Here is how it looks

corail incandescent

corail incandescent

I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a nice comfortable lipstick! It retails for $36.

Check it out at just 4 girls:


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