Hello everyone, so I’m pretty sure you are familiar with Sapphire by now, its growing super fast these days, plus their ready to wear kurtis are a life saver, they are absolutely perfect for the summer heat as well as can be perfect as a layering piece during winters.

I love how different and unique their prints are, every kurti tells a story, the prints are beautifully put together and the colors chosen for each print does the actual print justice! I’m a huge fan.

In recent times my whole wardrobe has been replaced by Sapphire shirts, primarily because they are super affordable and chic and in the morning getting ready has been incredibly simplified, i mean just pick any shirt and you’re fabulous and good to go, no brainer really! Love them

So recently when i went to the mall, i found myself standing in from of a mirror in Sapphire, 5 shirts in hand, faced with the dilemma which one should i not buy?? I ended up buying all :S

So naturally i decided a haul was in order! and here it is 🙂

Here is a little run-down of the video!

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