Hello everyone!! its been a while since i did a post, I’ve been so busy to say the least, everything has been all over the place, but its finally Sunday (great! Monday tomorrow 🙁 )

So I’ve been loving red lipstick lately and to be honest I’ve been kind of obsessed and now analyzing my collection i have managed to hoard 5 lipsticks with the same shade of red!

Needless to say that i won’t be red lipstick shopping anytime soon!

So today i’m going to be reviewing one of my favorite red lipsticks that i enjoy wearing a lot; Lime crime Retrofuturist. Ive always been quite intrigued by lime crime lippies and so i decided to get one and see what the fuss is all about, i mean every youtube makeup artist has lime crime lippies in their collection (all the more reason to own one)

The packaging is absolutely lovely, its so different! and the color of the lipstick is so pretty, i love this shade of red, its the perfect balance of pink and blue tone thus, makes a true red color!

retrofuturist by lime crimeretrofuturist by lime crime

I love the formula of this product, I’ve heard a few people complaining that lime crime lipsticks are drying on the lips, and i have a big love hate relationship with matte lipsticks i tend to avoid them because i have small lips and matte lipsticks are hard to apply and once you get them wrong you have to start all over again, at least i do, BUT retrofuturist is not by any definition drying, i found it quite hydrating and comfortable to wear, its a long lasting lipstick and if its comfortable on the lips, i’m all for that.

lime crime lipstick review and swatcheslime crime lipstick review and swatchesretrofuturist by lime crime

Some mattes feel powdery on the lips and make my nose feel weird (i know thats pretty weird thing in itself but it does happen to me). This lipstick does not feel powdery on the lips at all, it feels smooth, and the best thing of all is that they don’t accentuate the lines or dryness on the lips. Bonus points for that.

Heres what it looks like on the lips

retrofuturist by lime crimeretrofuturist by lime crimeretrofuturist by lime crime


It retails for $15-19 depending on where you order it from. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a classic red shade which is matte but not drying on the lips!

Thanks for reading

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