Hello everyone, so i have been obsessed with MAC lipsticks these days, don’t know why, i have these phases where i get obsessed with one brand and i use products from only that brand till i feel its time to change. What does that make me? makeup lazy? i don’t know

lip swatches captive by mac

But one particular shade of MAC lippie that i have been wearing a lot is Captive. Being honest if i just saw the shade in the tube i wouldn’t buy it, but after googling swatches i fell in love with the color and decided i needed it in my life. I bought this lipstick back in August and I’ve only just started using it

So the color is a purply mauve, and very good for fall, this color reminds me of a 70’s classy lady, one who wears her fur coats and curls her hair and goes out all dressed up, i think that lady liked to wear captive by MAC, i mean why not?

Captive has a satin finish and is incredibly comfortable on the lips, the color is highly pigmented just like all the mac lipsticks out there and looks beautiful on the lips, i feel it would look amazing on people with golden to yellow undertones as it definitely brings out the yellow undertone of my skin, it just meshes really well, also i like the fact that this color would compliment every color dress you wear, green, white blue, pink, red, captive is your best bet!

lip swatches captive by mac

The color stays for a good while on the lips, as its not matte it will disappear after you’ve ate or drank, but being a satin it does last for a good while.

lip swatches captive by mac

Here is how it looks on:Β 

lip swatches captive by mac

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