Hello everyone! its been a while since i did a lippie post (i don’t know why autocorrect always corrects lippie to hippie, i mean?). So my favorite type of lipsticks to collect are MAC (surprise surprise!) and whilst at the mac counter i picked up all the deep red berry shades and put them in my basket, but then i thought to myself, WAIT ‘Anushae! you have WAY TOO many reds! keep all of that BACK!’ i tried to knock sense into myself and tried to reason with my hoarder split personality that buying 5 new reds was unreasonable and unacceptable! I feel like confessions of a shopaholic the movie is made for me, sad after watching it a zillion times i haven’t quite mastered the art of controlling the hoarder in me, oh well, at least I’m not in debt so somethings are good.

Anyway getting to the point, i feel like i can ramble on and on for ages, but retreating back to the initial idea of the post, yes MAC, i picked up the ever so popular Velvet Teddy, as if Kylie Jenner hasn’t raved about it enough, you’ll have to sit and read through this post (if at all you must) and hear me rave about it.

matte nude lipstick for all skin sones

I’ll keep it short and simple i LOVE this lipstick, its my most used mac lipstick (and i only got it 3 weeks back) i know I’m late on the rave train but STILL!

This lipstick is the epitome of ‘my lips but better‘ trend going on, especially if you follow beauty gurus on instagram who will have the most packed eyes and will be sporting the nicest nude lip, yep thats if not always then most of the time velvet teddy πŸ™‚

matte lipstick by mac velvet teddy

velvet teddy by mac on deep skin tone

matte lipstick velvet teddy review and swatches

The lipstick has a matte finish, and if you’ve been following me for a while then you’ll know i despise matte lipsticks, HOWEVER i absolutely love the feel of this one on my lips, it maybe because my loathe has been made redundant by the gorgeous color of the lipstick, i don’t know, i’m just saying its super comfortable and is my everyday go-to shade. I can literally swear by it. There are very few nude lipsticks that suit all skin shades and i feel like this one will be pretty good for majority of skin tones out there. Β All in all its an amazing lipstick, if you are ever in search for a good nude lipstick then i recommend you go for velvet teddy, its beyond brilliant πŸ™‚

It stays on for a good while, usually nudes disappear on me very quickly but this one stays, it doesn’t stay on for the whole day but, you can always retouch it! plus its the perfect shade to wear when you have a smokey eye.

velvet teddy review and swatch on lips

I feel like this post is extremely smiley heavy, i don’t usually type smileys but i just can’t resist, it gives me great joy talking about this lippie!

If you already own this shade then thumbs up! Comment down below and lets love it together.

Oh and btw MAC lipsticks are now $17, ah sigh πŸ™

You can buy it from mac’s website.

Thanks for reading <3

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